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Hello Sweets,

today I wear the Gallery Pantsuit from 22769. This wonderful piece of clothing can be found at the current Gallery Gift Shop. There is also a matching men item – I’m sure Nestor already has shown it to you. Oh yes Nestor. He has invited me today to visit a gallery and I thought this outfit fits me. Hopefully he didn’t think I want to be an piece of art there (if so – hey, I can be great art).

The great pose is coming to you as part of the Runway Perfect 2nd Edition Huntgift from WetCat.  And what can I say: the poses are awesome. But before you start searching at WetCat now, the Hunt starts tomorrow, April 1st.

Here are the Credits for todays Blogpost:

.:EMO-tions:. * LADY * /darkred [free on the Groupgiftwall]

22769  ~ [femme] exhibition pantsuit [available at the Gallery Gift Shop]

::WetCat:: “Window Shopping” [Runway Perfect Hunt 2nd Edition Huntgift]

Project Runway

runway2 1

Here we are again on our own little runway and you guessed right: Time to show some new awesomeness from designers of the Runway Perfect Hunt 2. This time I want to show you the georgeous necklace from Finesmith. The Apala Necklace is raw, tribal and wonderful. No need for shirts here – you are completely dressed with this neck-candy as stand alone. And it works with formal and casual wear.

I completed the look with the Kai hair from Sadistic Hacker, the leather pants from GizzA and some leather boots from ::GB::. The poses I used are again from the poses sale at {.:exposeur:.}.

runway2 2

List of stuff:

Hair: *SH* Kai Hair (black)

Necklace: FINESMITH – Apala (Male) (Runway Perfect Hunt 2 Gift)

Pants: **GizzA** Leather Outfits Group Gift Male

Shoes: ::GB:: Leather Bootie Black

Poses: {.:exposeur:.} Chill and Zed

Honey, I’m home

I'm comin ghome


weekend is so close. Just only a frew hours and a -well planned- Party weekend with the girls will start. But after the past week, I really deserve it. Don’t know if you sometimes also had the feeling: Yes, freetime. Just get to your comfy cloth and relax.

But the comfy cloth part, also is an absolute Must for traveling too, at least for me. So I already have changed my formal clothes to my favorite kneelength jeans from Coco. For the kiss of the sun, I take Jett Top from Cold Logic in black. The top are available as huntgift at Cold Logic for “The Fresh Unknown Hunt”. The HUnt ends on March 30th. So you better should hurry to search for the pink flower in the shop. The Top comes in three different colors and you find all the Standard Sized meshes in the gift.

Well … now, I better should have a look if my significant other is already home, but for you here are my credits for today:

coldLogic  jett black [available as Huntgift “The Fresh Unknown Hunt”]

COCO Designs Knee Length Denims (dark blue) (look in the Outlet)

ARTEMIS AnkleRibbon heel [available as Groupgift]

Swoon Style! [current Groupgift – join inworld group and look in past notices]


Barefoot 1

There are some designers out there, who already offer some mesh feet for avatars. But about 99% of them offer feet for women. Lucky enough CheerNo thinks about the guys and that is where I got my feet from. Okay – what sounds about right in SL sounds a bit weird for RL – but nevertheless: the feet are easy to fit, come – of course – with a color-HUD and look incredible realistic.

Also – the v-neck and the scarf are the current groupgift for lads at ARTEMIS and it gives you a kind of boheme-ish look that I like. The glasses are also a groupgift: LnL, more known for their fantasy/roleplay clothing, give them away for free at their store. The poses I used come from {.:exposeur:.} who currently have a pose sale going on. If you are into SL photography go there. The poses are extremely well done and you can get a steal there til end of this month!

Barefoot 2

List of stuff:

hair: Hype – Jory Hair // Black

sunglasses: LNL unisex sunglasses

shirt and scarf: ARTEMIS Men Groupgift

gloves: +grasp+ Biker glove black

pants: 22769 ~ [mesh] rolled up trousers color:black

Feet: [CheerNo] FeeT. V1

poses: {.:exposeur:.} Fashuneestoh


Make it Work !

Audrey Esemble used in this picture

Hellos Ladies,

today it’s my honour to show you one of the exiting Gifts from the upcoming Runway Perfect Hunt 2nd Edition. The Runway Perfect Hunt is next to big fun with really nice stores on the track, also a Hunt with Models in Mind. So, you can expect all neat things not only a Second Life Supermodel needs for their daily life. Please note, the Runway Perfect Hunt 2nd Edition starts at April 1st, 2012.

For my todays look, I really love the classy silhouette of the “Audrey Esemble” created by CHG Fashion for the Runway Perfect Hunt 2nd Edition. These detailed Coat comes with a white shirt and – ladies attention please – with shoes. The shoes can be adjusted by a HUD to match your skintone.

I’m pretty sure, in the next days I will show you some goodies from the Hunt, but until then – please have a look at the credits for today:

TEKUTEKU chuchu(black) [ store closed]

Audrey Esemble (including shoes) :
CHG FASHION “Audrey”  [available as Runway Perfect 2nd Editon Huntgift]