A fresh feeling of spring

That was a surprise. Today I got the new groupgift from 22769 ~ casual couture. And yes, they have included a summerish outfit for us ladies. The blue blouse and matching skirt fitting me perfectly.

And as it is a grey (not so springish) day where I live, i try to let me catch me with the feeling of the upcoming spring. I already have order Nestor to get the groupgift himself – so I can say (or better hope) that he will be bloggin it later.


EMO-tions * CELESTE * /brown

Make Up:
[a.e.meth] Vivid Eyeshadow (Green)
[a.e.meth] Tasty Lipgloss (Creme Soda)

Dutch Touch [:DT:: ::JoLiE:: V2 Cream – Basic CL1 EBBlond]

22769 ~ casual coture Groupgift March2012 “Somewhere beyond the Sea” (free) you have to be a member of 22769 ANB

Flip Flops:
Boystown Flip Flops (Adult Sim)

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One response to “A fresh feeling of spring”

  1. Nestor Farshore says :

    Lovely post. Heheh – looks like we posted simultaniously. Great minds think alike 😉

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