I am not a doctor

I am not a doctor

I am quite new to blogging and obviously i have had one lession to learn: I wanted to make some kind of a casual shooting with some clothing I found interesting and neat. And then I teleported to [Iruco] and found a Gatcha for face masks there. And all of a sudden the outfit became kind of edgy and dark. But anyways – I have had to ad the face mask cause i just love it!

Mr. Poet moved. And it took a lot of time to find out their new location since I was not able to find the shop in SL search. Thank god the creator has the new locations (yeah – Mr. Poet has two shops now) in his picks. Nevertheless – the clothing is just fabulous and it definitely was worth the hazzle. I snatched the black cardigan there which is a decent rigged mesh and – unbelievable enough – a freebie.

The tee is from COCO – another store i just adore. And it also is a freebie in the (way too small) homme-departement. The sneakers are the groupgift from [JP]dsg. They are out for a while now. Best thing: you can change the color of them so they fit nearly everything. The half checkered trousers are part of the current groupgift from CricKeTs – Fashion. It is a whole outfit, but I fell in love with the half plain, half patterned style of the pants.

I am not a doctor 2

Have I said already that I am not a doctor? Heck yeah – but I surely love to look like one.

List of stuff:

Facemask: [Iruco] Surgical mask gatcha

Cardigan: ::Mr.Poet:: Bat sleeve knit coat_Black[mesh]

T-Shirt: *COCO* Homme Gift T Shirt black

Pants: CricKeTs – Fashion C~Peter Jeans (Groupgift)

Sneakers: [jp]:dsg Sneakers / Multi Change Groupgift

Eyes: Poetic Colors classic – summer breeze (m) dark

Skin: *Kento* Toban

Shape: my own

Hair: [NSD] Cullen Hair/Noir

Picture taken here


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One response to “I am not a doctor”

  1. Mondra Kira says :

    you’re defnitly not a doctor sweet .. but anyway .. love the post *kiss*

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