Let there be glam

Let There Be Glam 1

I fell in love today – in love with a cardigan. I love cardigans in general, also in RL. But when I visited …Scars… today this cardigan/shirt combination totally catched my eye. And since a guy simply can not have enough cardigans I gave it a shot. And I was extremely pleased with the purchase. The texturing of the draped shirt on the prim and on the texture layer is extremely decent done and the silk shirt with the cardigan is a very clever combination. You also can wear the shirt without cardigan and vice versa. The cardigan comes with flexi prims and also without – so you can choose whatever fits your needs best.

While leaving …Scars… i crossed the bridge to Adjunct and found these fab Superstar Sunglasses as Groupgift. And talking about Groupgifts: Have you got the Groupgift Skin from ~ Tableau Vivant ~ already? If not – go there NOW.

And finally it is always a good idea to check with DURA for some mens hair. DURA also has two groupgifts out right now and I will come back to these on some later posts. But also the regular hair is not overexpensive and the style is brilliant.

Let There Be Glam 2

List of stuff:

Hair: *Dura-Boy*24 (black)

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~Noctis Group Gift HB

Glasses: Adjunct – Superstar Sunglasses

Cardigan: …Scars… Drape T & Cardigan Set [Black]

Pictures taken here.

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