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guess what …

after the short visit of the boys yesterday, I think it’s time to look for a new home. And as girl, I looked for furniture before I even have a home … but as said: I’m just a girl and so the Best Friends Hunt – currently running at Siss Boom – has catched my attention and .. well make me lost my focus for today.

The hunt was  great fun. Siss Boom has hidden pretty yellow tulips in the store. Each tulip is available for a price between 25 – 50L$. And for all who don’t have enough time (or patience) to hunt – you can purchase the gifts on a special wall.

What can you expect in the Hunt: All kind of clothes, from lingerie to full Outfits and some Mesh Items. For my todays look I used the Sunday Lawn Dress. It’s available in one of the Tulips for just 50L$.

But, here are the stylecredits for today:

TEKUTEKU chuchu(black) [store closed down]

siss boom  sunday lawn dress S [50 L$ as part of the Best Friends Hunt]

Image shoot at Digital Cult  Lifestyle

Do you think I’m sexy

Do you think I'm sexy 1

If you want my body and you think I’m sexy
come on sugar let me know.
If you really need me just reach out and touch me
come on honey tell me so.
Tell me so, baby.

Underwear in SL: What for? I mean – face the facts: normally you wear your denims or whatever pants you choose and wear no underwear at all. Okays – it can be interesting for some foreplay when you get into action with the partner of your choice. But normally I have the feeling that undies – especially for men – are highly underrated. This has to change!

The new monthly gift from VITAMEN is a piece of art. It is completely sculpted with resizer and just way easy to fit. And the bulge is quite impressive without beeing way too big. The texturing is flawless and there is not one single tiny bit I could dislike about these undies. And again – it is a gift. Not a groupgift, not a dollarbie – just plain and simple a gift!

Talking about gifts: the bracelet is a groupgift from RONSEM. And they have gatchas also where I got this highly detailed hemp anklet. The hair i am wearing is from [kik] and the glasses are also from that store and once again are a gatcha item.

Do you think I'm sexy 2

List of stuff:

Hair: [kik] hair_Ethan (dark brown)

Glasses: [kik] Pig Ear Glasses – Gatcha

Underwear: :: VITAMEN :: Monthly Freebie Mar 2012 Roku-Shaku Fundoshi_UmeSakari – Shu-Iro

Bracelet: RONSEM* Bracelet AKATONBO (Group Gift)

Anklet: RONSEM* Hemp Anklet – incarose (gatcha)

Shoes: [jp]dsg. Sneakers/MultiChange/Groupgift

Foto taken here.