Welcome to my dormitory

My dormitory 1

I am a student in RL – and I must confess: in SL I am kind of homeless. I never rented land nor was I interested in prefabs, skyboxes and houses. Well since I am blogging now this is about to change I guess. And sometimes pleasent surprises happen. But let us start from the beginning:
I was doing the Kiyomizu Spring Hunt yesterday. A japanese hunt on a japanese sim – count me in. Unfortunately I did not find any male items there, but I came across a shop which is selling themed skyboxes and i kinda liked their vendors. So I took the landmark to their mainshop and I was in skybox wonderland. One of them definitely catched my attention: the Apartement Collage Days (and I assume it should be College instead of Collage). It is – more or less – a dormitory. Or let’s precise that- a version of how a japanese designer thinks like how a western dormitory could look like. The skybox comes in two versions: with and without furniture. And it has in both ways not too much prims. Shown above is the furnished version.
The skybox is mod – and since the name of the store is Design it Yourself the designer even encourages his costumers to change things they do not like or to make the purchased skybox bigger (or smaller) to fit everyones personal needs. The furniture comes with animations which are cute and funny. Nevertheless – i wish i would have had a doritory like this the first year I was at universtity. And to be frank: dormitorys do not look stylish like the one I purchased at DiY – they are more the ingrain wall covering kind of rooms.
For my student look I combined the groupgift from Poison, the red satin like jeans, the White Denim Shirt and the Male Dress Shoes from Gabriel and the striped tank from Mr. Poet. My glasses are the Depraved Spring Madness 2.0 huntgift from K_gs and the hair is from Hype.

My dormitory 2

List of stuff:

Glasses: K_gs Chrome Glasses (DSM 2.0-Gift)

Pants: Poison jeans pack >>>Poison<<< (red) GG

Hair: Hype – Jory Hair // Black

Shirt: ::GB:: DenimShirt White (Group Gift)

Undershirt: ::[Mr.Poet]:: stripe vest

Shoes: ::GB:: Male Dress shoes (brown)

Prefab: DiY – DESiGN iT YoURSELF 1K_Apartment_Collage Days

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