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I’m not too late …

Hellos Sweets,

since this morning everything that can go wrong .. go wrong! No, I’m not complaining about it, just because nothing important was on my shedule today. But more a real funthing I had planned for today.

Meeting an old friend, from my early years. We both have tried to meet for over half a year now. If we had found a date that suits us both … well a few hours before it finally happend on of us had to cancel it. But not today … and than I am to late.

But well, he called a few minutes after arrival that he has gone back to office because of an emergency. I can understand that and so we will meet in the next week – at least we planned.

So I decided to have a look around in the nearby shops, and I discover Exodi. A skinstore wich is having a closing sale currently going on.  So if you feel uncomfortable, I advice you to have a look there. The Sale runs till end of March.

Here are the credits for todays look:

Exodi [Sophie Carmel – Goddess (LT)][Groupgift]

Icing  [Night Mist][Gift]

Icing [Wooden Wedge][Gift]

ICING [Princess Pearl Bracelet][Gift]

Nexus Prime

Off the wall

The new round of the Narcissus Room starts today and boy I can tell you I am somewhat extremely excited about it. I was lucky and got the chevron knickebocker from 22769 ~ casual couture beforehand, but be prepared that I will show you much more from the Narcissus Room within the next days.

So the main actor of this post is the jacket. *chronokit* just released the mesh Mods Coat and it is one of the best mesh pieces I have seen so far in SL. The rigging is flawless and the details on this masterpiece are splendid. You can choose from several colors and there is even a fur collar you can buy seperately. The Mods Coat comes in S, M, and L and of course the store has demos. Honestly: This coat represents everything that rigged mesh clothing stands for.

List of stuff:

Jacket: *chronokit* Mods coat 01 Unisex Black

Hair: .:Hermony:. / Oversized Beanie / Black

Shoes: ::GB:: Leather Bootie Black

Pants and socks: 22769 ~ [homme] chevron knickebocker grey (Narcissus Room 2)