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Discover my romantic side

discover the romantic side

Well Ladies, what should I say:

Even I have a romantic side inside. Okay, some the past lovers would say that it is very well hidden. But, with this flowerish dress from Boudoir it’s easy to show my romantic side.

This dress made out of roses fits me for the great ball tonight and I’m pretty sure that my boyfriend will look like “WOW” when he sees me tonight. And I see it as a challenge not to hide my romantic side any longer from him. Let’s see what that crazy changes this bring to us … I will keep you informed.

well ... I'm an angel (sometimes)
Credits of the images:

+*HS*+ ::FORE:: Blond (not longer available)

Exodi Sophie “Goddess” – Porcelain

Boudoir – Sweet Celeste

*ICING* Princess Pearl Bracelet

Picture taken at Cadenza

While my guitar gently weeps

while my guitar gently weeps 1

As promised in last post: it is time to show the goodies you can find at the Narcissus Room. In case you are not familiar with the name – it is a market where male fashion designers offer new and limited releases for the fair price between 10 L$ – 100 L$. And there is a lot to find there. Nearly my whole look comes from the Narcissus Room today. Nearly – not everything. The guitar comes from a shop named WITCH BABE Rocket. I found a depandance at the Kiyomizu Spring Hunt with some lucky boards and lucky as i was – there was a wildcard round. The guitar comes with a hud (and that is where the poses are from).  The hair is Dura and the skin is my everyday skin from Kento.

Anyways – back to the Narcissus Room: The vest is a great deal from [Nerd.P] cause it comes in 3 different designs. The skinny denims from illmatic come with cuffs and the fabulous sneakers are from DEF. And one word on the makeup: It is the Eye Definer from Stain Cosmetics and this one is also a great deal cause you get a lot of colors in the package. The Narcissus Room opened yesterday and – i think – the new round lasts two weeks.

While my guitar gently weeps 2

List of stuff:

guitar and HUD: WITCH BABE Rocket – TELE crack NT 4GG

Hair: Dura – Dura-Boy 07 (black)

Eyeliner: Stain Cosmetics – Eye Definer, Black (Narcissus Room)

T-Shirt: COCO Homme Gift Tee (green)

Vest: [NERD.P] Simple line Vest 03 (Narcissus Room)

Pants: illmatic :: Arden Denim – Classic Blue (Narcissus Room)

Shoes: DEF! Sneakers/Manifesto/Lo/Leather/Black (Narcissus Room)

Photo taken here.