Some other finds in the fabulous Narcissus Room. This time it is hair. Or a swan. Or a fascinator. Heck I have no idea what it really is – but as you can see it definitely will bring people to hold breath when you enter a crowded room. In other words: I love it. The Swan Prince Attachement from ~plank couture~ comes in two versions – a regular and a mirrored one. And you can wear hair with it also (not like me who uses the swan as hair).

And – to finish the look – once again the Eye definer of Stain Cosmetics. I already told you that the definer comes in many colors – and of course white is one of the options. What I really love about the Narcissus Room is that you can combine the finds there brilliantly. It nearly is like the creators gathered together to discuss and mix and match their creations for that purpose. I do not know if they really do – but if not it definitely is a lucky coincidence.

Swanlake 2

List of stuff:

Hair: ~plank couture~ Swan Prince Mirror (Narcissus Room 2)

Eyeliner: Stain Cosmetics – Eye Definer, White (Narcissus Room 2)

Skin: *KENTO* Toban_T2 – Pure (freckles)

Eyes: Poetic Colors classic – summer breeze (m) dark

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