You are a Rockstar

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Ladies it’s Monday again !

Well not that I’m always yelling about Mondays. Because this one is the start to a great week ahead (maybe I will say otherwise at the end of the week – but for now, it is a great start in the week).  But before I start talking about things that may come in the future, I better told you about my last night adventure.

I was surprised with the visit of a rock Club. Yeah, you’re right: My boyfriend and his best friends ended up there – stranded to be honest. So really late at night they called me to get them home … and yes, I loved to do that.

To match them (and maybe just to have all the attention laters –  as he suggest) I pimped my Mesh Dress from LG femme with a sylish Leather Jacket from Gizza (out of one of the groupgifts in there mainstore). The boots are my currently favorite ones from Bodouir.

And, after I arrived … well we stayed  a little bit longer. We had a blast of fun and the next day my significant other looked at me and said: I never had imagine that you can become so crazy honey … I’ll leave it to your imagination what  he had mean with this my crazy dances, or the amount of drinks  …

image used in blogpost

Here are the credits of this look:

SPLENDIDE*U Madison Sienna

Leather Jacket:
**GizzA** Leather Jacket [groupgift / come in a complete Outfit]

LG femme Ponyta Dress – Babypink [from late Dressing Room]

Bodouir Pony Girl Boots


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