Honey, I’m home

I'm comin ghome


weekend is so close. Just only a frew hours and a -well planned- Party weekend with the girls will start. But after the past week, I really deserve it. Don’t know if you sometimes also had the feeling: Yes, freetime. Just get to your comfy cloth and relax.

But the comfy cloth part, also is an absolute Must for traveling too, at least for me. So I already have changed my formal clothes to my favorite kneelength jeans from Coco. For the kiss of the sun, I take Jett Top from Cold Logic in black. The top are available as huntgift at Cold Logic for “The Fresh Unknown Hunt”. The HUnt ends on March 30th. So you better should hurry to search for the pink flower in the shop. The Top comes in three different colors and you find all the Standard Sized meshes in the gift.

Well … now, I better should have a look if my significant other is already home, but for you here are my credits for today:

coldLogic  jett black [available as Huntgift “The Fresh Unknown Hunt”]

COCO Designs Knee Length Denims (dark blue) (look in the Outlet)

ARTEMIS AnkleRibbon heel [available as Groupgift]

Swoon Style! [current Groupgift – join inworld group and look in past notices]

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