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Confessions of a runway model


As you know: in the world of fashion at one day you are in, the next day you are out. And who knows better then Heidi Klump that runway models have to hunt for new assignments, runway shows and an up to date look. In SL it is a bit easier now, cause the Runway Perfect Hunt 2 starts on Sunday, 1st April 2012. And I am very proud to show you some of the rewards beforehand.

This suit is the gift from CHG Fashion. And it is a splendid gift. You not only get all clothing layer and two different shirts (one with a print and a plain one) – you also get the dress shoes matching the suit. Having in mind that men often are left out in these kind of hunts this one is definitely worth it. It is well done!

Let’s talk about poses. Normally I do not credit my poses since I create them on my own (and I do not have a shop to sell them). This time it is different, cause the poses are also a gift in the Runway Perfect Hunt 2. The gift from ::Wet Cat:: is called “Window Shopping” and comes with a cute prob that Mondra and myself will blog later. Nevertheless – the poses of the prob are also included in the gift and these are the poses I used for my pictures. And they do match our little runway perfectly.


List of stuff:

Hair: [NSD] Cullen Hair/Noir

Suit and Shoes: .:. CHG Fashion .:. Dominic Suit (Runway Perfect Hunt 2 Gift)

Poses: ::Wet Cat:: Windowshopping (comes with prob – Runway Perfect Hunt 2 Gift)

Guys, stand still


I know we all love when the boys stand in line when we enter the room. And I’m in that case not different. And in Second Life, I finally had the chance to visit the Terracotta Warrior Army.  It was great to see History build so carefully inworld. Talking about carefully build: do you recognize the lovley dress I’m wearing? This is the new female Groupgift from Gizza Creations. I love the overall look, and the detailed texture reminds me of pansys.

The Glasses are from Miel Meow. You still can find them at the MyAttic Venue. And to complete my todays look I wear a fantastic lipstick from [a.m.eth].

The Credits for todays look:

HS Hair ::FORE:: Black [store closed]

MIEL MEOW PEEPERS – candy gloss [available at MyAttic]

GizzA Creations [April Groupgift]

Terracotta Warrior Army

I’m walking away

I’m walking away from the troubles in my life
I’m walking away oh to find a better day
I’m walking away from the troubles in my life
I’m walking away oh to find a better day
I’m walking away

Phoenix Rising re-opened again and there are brilliant finds for men also. The shop is extremely generous cause no item costs more then 25 L$. And the clothing is incredible well done. For my todays look I combined a few things I found at Phoenix Rising. The jacket is part of the “Daniel Suit” which comes with trousers and a hemp opaque shirt. But I liked the idea with the open tie quite more so I also bought the Push Pink Shirt and I finalised the look with the faded light Ion Jeans. So if you want to give your look that special extra – check with Phoenix Rising. You find the mens departement in the second floor of the shop.

Walking Away 2

List of stuff:

Hair: Dura – Dura-Boy 07 (black)

Jacket: -Phoenix Rising- Daniel Blue

Shirt and Tie: -Phoenix Rising- Push Shirt Pink

Jeans: -Phoenix Rising- Ion Jeans faded light

Picture taken here.

The not so red carpet and me

Main Picture for Blogpost: the Red carpet and me"

Well Ladies, what should I say. You see, you get an invitation to a ball. You spend ages in your private beautysaloon and you -maybe- take one or two glasses of champaign before you start. With the taxi holding in front of a fantastic building, you expect the flashlights of the cameras and while you walk and pose for them you run … against the piano …

That was the moment when I woke up from the nightmare last night.  Thank God, the festival the night before didn’t went that bad. Okay, the carpet was not red, but the party was great. And the styling provided by the creators was perfectly fitting. For the Gala last night I had chosen the Ceole Groupgift. My Shoes are from 22769 and the wonderful earings are from JKTrends.

But here are the Credits:

Raspberry Aristocrat Jess Hair – Black Beauty

Celoe chelsea dress[Groupgift]

JKTrends Mainstore Pepas necklace & Earrings

22769 ~ Classic Black Pumps

Meet me at the beach

Meet me at the beach 1

Okay – the weather is brilliant but it is definitely not good enough for a beach party. But in SL it is always summer somewhere and so I went for a beachy kind of look today. The reason therefor are the accessories like the picnic basket, the watermelon and the can I am wearing. I stumbled across a store called +9 (add9) on the marketplace who offers the watermelon and also the check can for free there. So I tried to check the store out inworld. But I failed since +9 does not seem to have a store right now. I checked with the +9 group and found even groupgifts there like the picnic basket – well and that made my look.

Anyways – Gabriel just released their new mesh items for men. In this picture I am wearing the Mesh Tee you can grab at the store for only 1 Linden. Good deal? nope – even better: The tee comes in different colors also – and everything for just 1 L$. This smells like the steal of the week gentlemen!

Meet me at the beach 2

List of stuff:

hair: [kik] hair Ethan (dark brown)

shirt: ::GB:: MESH V-neck T (Light Brown)

shorts: **GizzA** May Group Gift

Flip Flops: +Grasp+ Flip Flops Lime Green

PicNic accessories: +9 (add9) Marketplace and Group