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Good Hair Day


I often have a bad hair day in RL. Especially when I am in a rush my head looks like a detonated sofa cushion. In secondlife we have all these wonderful wigs that look just perfect – no matter how long you have been on a party or how often you turned around in your sleep. Well – most of the time. Cause this is where [iruco] jumps in. [iruco] just released two new hairstyles and if there is one thing I absolutely love about the hair it must be that it is not perfect. Do not get me wrong – it is perfect crafted, no doubt about that. But it is kind of messy with strains wandering in every possible and impossible direction. It just looks like you just got up and tried to tame it with your five finger comb. And for me the hair looks incredible realistic and therefor [iruco] gave me a good hair day in SL.

Mesh for lads still is a treasure quest on the grid. Not many designer offer reasonable mesh clothing for men which could be because there still is nothing like a reliable standard sizing for male avatars like there is for women. Nevertheless – there are a few items to be found. And ISPACHI just released these mesh longsleeve t-shirts in many different colors. They are plain without extravagant textures and just perfect for your casual look.

And finally the necklace comes from Frippery and is the ending huntgift from the Sanity Falls Hunt. It has neat details and is beautifully crafted. In general – if you are looking for some accessories Frippery is a good address for male jewellery that does not look loud and garish.


List of stuff:

Hair: [iruco] hair27 (black)

Necklace: Frippery – Forgotten Memories Bolo Tie (Sanity Falls Hunt)

Longsleeve: ISPACHI Mesh [Long Sleeved T-Shirt] green

Pants: GizzA – Christmas Groupgift Male

Location: self built set

I’m not afraid of you !

image used in blogpost

Happy Sunday Lovlies !

Wow, that was a party last night. I just prepared in time all the neat stuff that we needed for a perfect roof top party! But, it was a little bit stressy – and yes, I thought I was a bit tickled by the champange. So I decided to have a lazy day for myself today. Go out, enjoy the early sun of spring and do one of the things I have loved as a child: Visiting the Zoo !

And yes, all the big lions, elephants and bears where nice, but on my way from the asian themed section over to the canadian themed I meet a nice fellow. Well, nice on the second look. At the first look he tried to  look benath my wonderful dress from Chantkare. The Maje Dress, can be currently found at the new collection at the Dressing Room Blue for the steal of 70L$. Yes, all items have been changed at the venue and will be available for two weeks now.

At the same location, I also made a snip with the hairstyle I’m wearing today. The Ramona Hair, from Exile, is available in four different colors for just 60L$.

Now, my new friend will show me his side of the zoo. I’ll better run after him. You find the credits for the items of todays look below the next image. See you around lovlies !


Credits for items used in this blogpost:

Exile –  Ramona:Persimmon [not free | 60L$ available at the Dressing Room Blue]

Chantkare – Maje Dress 2012 [not free | 70L$ available at the Dressing Room Blue]

ARTEMIS AnkleRibbon heel [available as Groupgift]

BoHo HoBo colored titanium hoop earrings [Gift in Shop | free]

[a.e.meth] – Vivid Eyeshadow – purple [not free | Gatcha Item – 20L$ per Play]

IZUMIYA – Pose 015 [free]

Image taken at Zoo World

Bohemian Weekend

boheme 1

Hello lovelies,

it is weekend, my significant other is absent and there is no sight of rain to see – that means: meeting with my girlfirends and have a nice relaxing spring rooftop party with veggies and dips, cocktails and some gossip and fun. The party preperations have been a piece of cake, but finding the right outfit was a hard task. Thank god I found this supercute shop called BoHo HoBo. And I completely fell in love with the vibrant colors, patterns and the taste of hippie-ness in the creations.

boheme 2

I simply love these patched bell bottomed jeans and the afghan choli – it workes so well together. And while talking about: the creator is an afghan artist and she also provides information notecards and lots of interesting stuff. You can literally spend ages in this wonderful find on the grid. But now I better hurry up to prepare the snacks, but not before I provided you with the essential credits about my look of the day.

boheme 3

Credits for Items used in this blogpost:

EMO-tions – CELESTE  – brown

BoHo HoBo Afghan style choli (red) [not free | 75L$]

BoHo HoBo Jeans- Patched [not free | 95L$]

BoHo HoBo colored titanium hoop earrings [Gift in Shop | free]

[a.e.meth] – Vivid Eyeshadow – purple [not free | Gatcha Item – 20L$ per Play]

TDR 2 years pumps GIFT – [available at Dressing Room & Dressing Room Blue | 1L$ for left & 1L$ for right – different colors included]

Boho Hobo

See No Evil


Friends of mine often complain that they do not know what to do in secondlife – that they are bored hopping from party to party, especially when no friends are online. Well, the solution is here and it is called the Sanity Falls Hunt. I will not get tired to advertise this one because the prices are incredibly good and the hunt itself is brilliant and nothing that you would expect from a hunt. It is an interactive adventure – nothing more, nothing less. And the 100L$ for the HUD you need for this hunt are possibly the best Lindendollars I have spent ever. So if you like PC games, if you like adventures and especially if you like hunts and gifts – this one is a MUST!

I completed the Sanity Falls Hunt yesterday and to my surprise you do not only receive gifts at every shop you have to look for the huntitem – you also receive 50 end prices from the participating merchants. And if you are lost somewhere, which can easily happen with the posters you have to find at Sanity Falls, the hunt group is extremely supportive.

Everything I am wearing, and also the prob I took the pictures in, are gifts from the hunt.


List of stuff:

Hair: [Shag] – Shine On – espresso (Sanity Falls Hunt – Part of the Alex Blackwell Avatar)

Blindfold: Indigo Oddities – Sensory Binder Blindfold (Sanity Falls Hunt)

Necklace: Magia – The Hole Necklace (Sanity Falls Hunt)

Hoodie: ~*Es Stylez*~ Sanity Falls Mesh Hoodie (Sanity Falls Hunt)

T-Shirt: *Just BECAUSE* Sanity Falls Shirt (Sanity Falls Hunt)

Pants: * CHANDELLE * Pants C. Black (Sanity Falls Hunt)

Shoes: DRD – Alex Blackwell Avatar (Sanity Falls Hunt)

Prob:  Creative Decay – Crime Scene Skybox full furnished (Sanity Falls Hunt)

Dirty Ole Town

Dirty Ole Town

When it comes to clothing my credo is mixing and matching. I was never a big fan of one certain style – as you surely can tell. There are many clothing and accessories from the so called Fantasy, Vampire or Steampunk Genre that work pretty well with casual clothing – and the other way around. I started with the Risk Outfit from Phoenix Rising because I loved the vest and the rolled up sleeves shirt. Then I found the hat from Grim Bros in the Sanity Falls Hunt – and also the boots from Death Row Designs. And finally I sneaked in the current Running exhibition of The Gallery Gift Shop for the animated Time Leaper monocle from K_gs. All in all a steampunkish, adventurous kind of outfit.


I have to admit that I simply love the monocle. It is fully animated – the arms of the clock are rotating and it is just a nifty little accessory that gives you a little extra to your look. The name of the cowboy hat is “Make Me One With Everything Hat” and this describes it the best. Grim Bros went splendid with gaming cards, dollars, goggles, strange green glowing test tubes, scissors and many stuff more. And it is another hint that you honestly can expect high quality gifts from the fabulous Sanity Falls Hunt.


List of stuff:

Hat: Grim Bros. make me one with everything – adventure hat (Sanity Falls Huntgift – you need a HUD for this hunt)

Hair: [kik] hair Ethan (dark brown)

Monocle: K_gs TimeLeaper (for the Gallery Gift Shop)

Outfit: -Phoenix Rising- Risk (mud)

Boots: DRD – Sanity Hunt Boots (Sanity Falls Huntgift – you need a HUD for this hunt)

Picture taken here.