Pure 1

When it comes to clothing we are spoiled. Prim attachements like cuffs, bottom prims, collars are common. And now mesh also has a big impact on our virtual fashion sense despite the well known problems with alterations of shapes and standard sizing. What we tend to forget is that plain and pure texture clothing can be breathtaking well done.

Chantkare, well known for fabulous womens clothing with a very special and adorable native touch finally opened a men departement. The designer Agustin Wonder is currently working on items and outfits, but a few already made their way to the store. And this cotton tee is one of them. And now talk about textures! The bold feather texture is a piece of art itself. There is not one thing i dislike about the purchase. The cotton texture is subtile, the wrinkles are extremely realistic, the collar line is exceptional and the feather print is like jewellery on fabric. Does this tee need prims? I do not think so.

The pants are the gift from Artemis at the Menswear Fashion Week – if you have not been there already you better hurry up!

Pure 2

List of stuff:

Hair: Dura – Dura-Boy*24 (black)

T-Shirt: CHANTKARE Men’s – Native Feather Organic Cotton Tee (Crimson)

Pants: ARTEMIS MEN GIFT /halfPants (at Menswear Fashion Week)

Bracelet: +grasp+/ Beed and Leather strap bracelet

Picture taken here.

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