A walk in the Park

imag eused in blogpost

Happy Monday sweets,

with today off, I use the time to to enjoy the sun outside. My first stop as on every sunday is the neat little park. Ladies, I love there sitting in the warm sunshine, watching the busy people passing by and just relax.

Today, I also decide to wear a colurful outfit. And I found the neat Gisele Outfit from Prism. This outfit includes the trousers, the cardigan (tucked and untucked version)  and the tie (comes in different styles too).  The colurful Gisele Outfit is hidden as gift from Prism in the Runway Perfect Hunt 2nd Edition.  The cute handbag I’m wearing is hidden as gift for the Runway Perfect Hunt at 22769 ~ casual couture. With this clutchbag, you can easily switch from an elegant to a casual look (and backwards of course).

After sitting and sunbathing, now the time has come to get back to usual business .. but for you i have prepared the Credit of todays look.

Credits for items used in the image:

EMO-tions –  LUNA II  /flames

Prism – Gisele by Journey in Shabby Chic – [Huntgift for Runway Perfect Hunt 2]

22769 ~ [femme] clutch bag pink snake [mesh]  – [Huntgift for Runway Perfect Hunt 2]

Le Forme – Glam Pumps  – Black [not free]


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