The Lady and the Sea

imag eused in blogpost

Hello Ladies,

sad new for all lovers of Fashionable Late. The last circle has started a few days ago. So this last edition is the biggest from what I have seen. With a lots of creators there presenting you new releases. And ladies, even if it is the last one I  more than recommend shopping there!

But, even if this great Event is coming to an end, I want to show a new store at the venue there. 22769 ~ casual couture is presenting you this wonderful mesh dress. It comes in standart sizing, but I still recommend, that you try a demo before purchase.

The neat jewellery wich completed my look is the latest Group Gift from Crystal Line. I love the great necklace and the earring wich match perfect to my spring styled dress. The package include also matching nails, but sadly SL wasn’t in a mode to let me put them on while I was taking the pictures.

image used in Blogpost

After writing down the Credits used in this image, I hope to see you shopping at Fashionable Late !

Have a great day sweets.

Credits for items used in this blogpost:


EMO-tions – LADY (darkred)


Crystal Line – “COCO” Accessory set(orange) [available as groupgift]


22769 ~ caual couture [femme] Half Arm Dress Sunrise [available at Fashionable Late | not free]

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