The wrong side of town

wrong side of town 1

Yesterday the new edition of the Narcissus Room started – and as usual you can find so good deals in it. First of all the skin from [dekade]: It is quite fair but if you like the lighter look this is definitely the deal for you. This time the designers offer some great accessoires. Like the cigarette or the broken sunglasses (which are also available in an unbroken version). The only thing that lacks the Narcissus Room in the new round are trousers. But oh well – 2 weeks fly fast til the Narcissus Room 4 starts. Anyways: If you are looking for high quality menfashion products for an extremely reasonable price – go to the Narcissus Room!

wrong side of town 2

List of stuff:

Skin: [dekade] Beno/ light Narcissus Room (3)

Shirt: ::7Style:: Dev’s Shirt Narcissus Room (3)

Cigarette: [ O P E R A ] Bent Cigarette Narcissus Room (3)

Glasses: {k}Rea Broken Sunglasses Black/gold Narcissus Room (3)

Pants: 22769 ~ [homme] crushed denims

Picture taken here

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