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imag eused in blogpost

Surprise Lovlies,

today I used Make Up to change my look a lil bit. The wonderful Make Up I’m wearing is from Madrid Solo. I really, really love the little flower details around my eyes in this great Make Up.

But sadly, now it’s time to run .. I’m to late already, but you know me, here are the credits for todays look:

Vanity Hair Volcanus Earth [special Editon for Runway Perfect Hunt]

Make Up:
Madrid Solo – Eden [Runway Perfect Hunt 2nd Edition Huntgift]

Road to nowhere


Like said in a previous post: The third round of the Narcissus Room has started. And it is interesting that more and more designer provide mesh items for men. The hipster jumper is the share of 22769 – and it is mesh. I really love the texture and how it behaves when your avatar moves. And it is a great deal also. Finally the men fashion designers jump on the mesh-train. And I am very pleased to see that.


List of stuff:

hair: [kik] hair Ethan (dark brown)

Skin: [dekade] Beno/ light Narcissus Room (3)

Jumper: 22769 ~ [homme] hipster jumper green Narcissus Room (3)

Pants: -Phoenix Rising- Daniel Jeans

Picture taken here