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The Wear Grey for a Day event is already running and Weather! Or not? offer this wonderful Jester Chair as special item in their booth at the fair. The chair comes in several poses and is way easy to adjust (even for rather tall avatars like me). Also in the package are versions with different bell colors and one without bells at all. All in all a very neat chair and for a good cause also.

The ears, skin and shirt are available at the Mens Dept. for very reasonable prices. The mesh baggy pants in the appealing houndstooth pattern are the brand new groupgift from | ALEIDA |. The good thing: You not only receive the mesh pants as gift but also a tee and a bag. So you become spoiled here big time.


List of stuff:

Chair: Weather! Or not? Jester Chair – gray silver bells for Wear Gray for a Day

Hair: [NSD] Cullen Hair/Noir

Skin: FRUK Knox skin shade 3 – The Gent – black bald for Mens Dept. 1

Ears: [Acide!] Perle mes oreilles for Mens Dept. 1

Shirt: [Sleepy Eddy] Cleric B.D. Shirt (black) for Mens Dept. 1

Pants: | ALEIDA | Cafu baggy pants (groupgift)

Purple Easter Eggs

details shown: shoes & bag

Hello Lovlies,

long time no hear. But I haven’t forget you all. Instead, I really missed each of you. But sadly the past easter weekend keept me busy.

But, I always have had an eye for the styles on the grid. And what catches my attention from the start, was the “Dress Me Purple Hunt” at Purple Moon. In this Simwide Hunt you search for -well- purple easter eggs. Each of the ten hidden Eggs contain a gift for you. You can find in this hunt next to clothing really neat accessories and the boots shown in the image above.

And ladys, all these items are great. Overall the eggs are not so hard hidden, and as usual I recommend to take your significant other to search while you shop!

Before I close this entry with the credits I want to show the great mesh Balloon Dress (also hidden in the Dress Me Purple Hunt). I love this dress. It comes in 4 different sizes in the package! Also you can take a closer look on the wonderfull necklace I’m wearing. This is also a gift of the hunt. So, put your hunting shoes on.

ballon dress, necklace, bag, hunt

Credits for items used in this blogpost:

EMO-tions – LADY (darkred)

PM Purple Moon Creations – Tribe Necklace Brown/Purple/Magenta [Huntgift in the Dress me Purple Hunt]

PM Purple Moon Creations – Julia Balloon Dress in Purple [MESH] [Huntgift in the Dress me Purple Hunt]

PM Purple Moon Creations – Mara Boots in Aubergine [Huntgift in the Dress me Purple Hunt]

PM Purple Moon Creations – Monogram Bag [Huntgift in the Dress me Purple Hunt]