Early Morning


I might repeat myself a bit, but I do love cardigans. Nothing else gives me this special “warm and fuzzy feeling” like an oversized cardigan I can wrap myself in. And I am talking about Real Life, gentlemen. Second Life has some cardigans for lads to offer. Some are good, some are not that good and some are brilliant. Let me introduce you today to a brilliant one: BALACLAVA!! has heard my silent prayers and released this Cheshire Cardigan for the Mens Dept. And it is all kinds of fabulous. The texture is real – like, well, real fabric. The style is a bit retro what I absolutely appreciate. And – even if this sounds silly – after hoovering over my inventory and “right click” wear and attach I felt a bit warmer inside. In other words: cozy, comfi, new favorite part of my wardrobe.

The tee I am wearing is a free gift from Adjunct. It is out for ages now but I still like it a lot. Oh: And the hair is the same like the one I blogged yesterday. The new Dura release.


List of stuff:

Hair: Dura *Dura-Emo*07(black) (NEW)

Cardigan: BALACLAVA!! Cheshire Cardigan (Khaki) for Mens Dept. 1

T-Shirt: Adjunct Baseball Tee – Glasses (Groupgift)

Picture taken here.


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