Indian Spring

Indian Spring 1

One thing I love about second life is that our virtual world is a melting pot of different kind of cultures and styles. Every cuture is just a teleport away – and the same goes for clothing and accessories. It is no secret that I like asian inspired creations – may it be from asian designers or designers who craft something asian inspired. Maybe it is because I am european and see contemporary western fashion all day when I go to the university, grocery shopping or simply for a walk.

When I opened the new groupgift from 22769 ~ casual couture yesterday I had one of those moments: The old denims with the bleeding are great, but it was the silk shirt that catched my attention. I like the collar and the subtile indian pattern a lot. It reminds me of a Kurta and yet it looks very casual. I added the Orn Necklace from PIXLIGHTS FACTORY to the overall look. And the hair is from Sadistic Hacker and it is more traditional japanese. It is a cultur mishmash, but for me it works brilliant.

Indian Spring 2

List of stuff:

Hair: *SH* Kai Hair(black)

Outfit: 22769 ~ casual couture groupgift April 2012

Necklace: PIXLIGHTS FACTORY Orn Necklace for Mens Dept.1

Picture taken here.



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