A Forest

A Forest 01

Suddenly I stop
but i know it’s too late
I’m lost in a forest
all alone
The girl was never there
it’s always the same
I’m running towards nothing
again and again and again

A Forest 02

Two new incarnations of events start today: the Narcissus Room and the Gallery Gift Shop. And again the designers outdone themself with creativity. Let’s start with the Gallery Gift Shop. The event is one of the most surprising fairs in SL – this time with new collaborators. So I was very pleased to learn that Tableau Vivant are joining the GGS with the Jin Skin I am using here for the pictures. The skin is available in a gift version (transfer, no-copy) and in a regular version (no-trans, copy) and like with all Tableau Vivant skins the face structure is amazing.

Plank Couture again bring fun and fantasy in the Narcissus Room. They offer three attachements called Envertebrae Imobilis containing the crown, the necklace and the vertebrae. The piercings also are from the new Narcissus Room and are from Pekka.

A Forest 03

List of stuff:

Hair: Dura **Dura-Boy**13(Woodsmoke)

Skin: ~ Tableau Vivant ~ Jin -Pale Tone- dark (TGGS 10)

Helmet, Collar, Vertebrae: ~plank couture~ Envertebrae Imobilis (Narcissus Room 4)

Piercing: .Pekka. Illusionist Piercing (Narcissus Room 4)

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