Visiting old Brussels


Good Day Lovlies,

you maybe have figured out already that I have a slight addiction for historical places. Today I’m visiting the heart of Brussels. The Grote Markt or also known as the Grand Place.

This place has a great historical background, so I recommend you to visit the wikipedia page for all the details. I found it very interesting and I was really happy to find this place within second life.

But, back from historical lessons to fashion. I’m wearing today the current Groupgift from Countdown: the Jennifer Mesh Cocktail Dress. It is available for members of the Countdown Group at the mainstore. And yes, I was shopping again … and I found the neat The Sun 2012 Necklace from WTG at the new round of Stuff in Stock. Yesterday they have opened the doors for a new cycle. And you can find a lot of goodies there. My Reptile Boots are from 22769 ~ casual couture. They are available in the Flaggshipstore (look at the shoe section).

So, now it’s about time for an early coffee in one of the many outdoor cafes around. See ya all, and don’t forget to check credits for all Goodies used in this entry.

Credits for items:

WTG – The SUN 2012 [available at Stuff In Stock | 70L$]

Countdown – Jennifer Mesh Tube Cocktail [available as Group Gift | 0L$ ]

22769 – Reptile Boots color:grey [not free | 190L$]

La Grand Place in Brussels

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