Murder he wrote

murder 1

Of course you know hunts – where you have to look for a special item, grab it and jump to the next landmark. It is so fun to see that creative people still can make something new out of this concept. And if you want to do an adventure within second life – like these old computer adventure games – you simply MUST do the Sanity Falls Hunt. It is not only a hunt but a story connected to the hunt. And for doing it you need to buy a HUD for 100L$ at the starting point. This is not a downer, cause the HUD has essential influence on the game and your experience – and obviously you are not able to get the prices and the hints without the HUD.

You play a character called “Alex Blackwell” who wakes up in Sanity Falls with his wife missing. Your task is to safe the life of your wife to find posters in Sanity Falls displaying a telefone number. When you dial the number on your mobile phone (the HUD) you get the landmark to a participating store and the hint. There you have to look for an envelope of cash – cause you have to collect 1.000.000 Dollar as bait to get your wife back. And of course – every envelope contains a price also. And finally the glasses are from bastard. – a fairly new shop – whooffers them as 1 L$ promo offer. The glasses come in four styles.

murder 2

List of stuff:

Hair: [Shag] – Shine On – espresso (Part of the Alex Blackwell Avatar)

Outfit with Shoes: DRD – Alex Blackwell Avatar

Glasses: bastard. – MESH BC Frames/Solid Black (1 L$)

Prob and Pose: Julia Creation “The Crime Scene”

Starting point of the Sanity Falls Hunt here.


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