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Dancing in the Moonlight

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Happy Friday Lovlies,

yes, I have to admit, I always wanted to dance in the moonlight. And yes, tonight is the time to do it finally!

Today I have the great pleasure to show you the latest release from Orquidea. The Glittered Dress (I wear the black version) makes you a sparkeling diamond. The real deep cut at the back and all the little details are just WOW. The fascinator and matching glowes are also included in the package. So I just can say: Thank you designer, for this gorgeous dress.

The Orquidea Glitter Dress is available in the colors white, black, red, blue and yellow. And ladys, this dress is really worth the 375L$, for your own copy.

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I completed todays look with the Jewellery “Cubics II in Lavender” the set -containting the earrings and the necklace- can be found in the Dress me Purple Hunt at Purple Moon Creations.

Now, I’m again late to meet with my other half.  Wish you all a great Friday … and read you soon.

Credits for Items:

HS  Hair FORE Blond – [store closed]

Facinator, Dress and Gloves:
Orquidea – Glittered Dress (black) – [not free | 375L$]

PM Purple Moon Creations  | Cubics II in Lavender Earring [Dress Me Purple Huntgift]

POSEbility – JLO Pose [1L$ at PoseFair]

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider 1

I have a confession to make: I was never into roleplay. I sometimes have a hard time to control my animation overrider – no chance that I could deal with a combat meter. Nevertheless I highly appreciate the imagination and the wonderful craftings of fantasy orientated and dedicated merchants. This is what secondlife is for: to live dreams.

The fantasy and roleplay scene within SL is legion – and the biggest fairground for fantasy related products is for sure the Fantasy Faire which opens to the public Saturday April, 21st. And I am very proud and glad to show you some of the exclusivly made items beforehand. You also should know that shown items are donation items for RFL.

The elf skin and ears I am wearing in the picture are from De La Soul. The wonderful jewellery and the triton belt are coming from Trident who also crafted this egyptian tomb skybox I took the pictures in. The boots are from Hooligan and are not from the Fantasy Faire but from the currently running Sanity Falls Hunt and the leather pants are the huntgift from Egoisme for the Runway Perfect Hunt 2.

Tomb Raider 2

List of stuff:

Hair: *SH* Kai Hair(black)

Skin and Ears: DLS – Beaux – Ikon – Pearl
available on Shifting Sands on Saturday April, 21st

Eyes: DLS – Radiance – MESH Eye – Violet
available on Shifting Sands on Saturday April, 21st.

Necklace: Trident Medusa Necklace [Gold/Silver]
available on Shadow’s Claw on Saturday April, 21st.

Belt: Trident Triton Horn II Belt M
available on Shadow’s Claw on Saturday April, 21st.

Pants: Egoisme EHC – Elegance leather pant (Runway Perfect Hunt 2 Gift)

Boots: HOOLIGAN – Sanity Falls armored boots (Sanity Falls Hunt Gift)

Skybox: Trident Egyptian Tomb II
available on Shadow’s Claw on Saturday April, 21st.

Tomb Raider 3