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Home Alone

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finally the weekend is here. And today I have more than free … I’m home alone. For me it’s a great thing, I mean: Hey come on, eating pizza in bed, watching all the ladies movies (yes, sometimes I force my partner to look Gone With the Wind with me) but the real joy is: do whatever you want to – and whenever you want to!

Also a day at home is a comfy clothing day! My todays look is a new relese from Prism. The Cindy Mesh Set (containg the Skirt and the Top) is part of the new Spring Collection currently released by Prism. I have choosen the combination of the Trellis Skirt with the Lavender Top. But more options are available. Every complete set is available for 399L$. But, like with every Mesh Item, try a Demo (available below the display) first, to see if the creation fits your shape.

Well, I want to tell something about the beautiful home, I’m currently using. This great (complete furnished) house can be found as huntgift in the currently running Make Home Over Hunt. Im standing in the living room of the Minimal House Monotone hidden at Sascha’s Furniture.

Right after the image you find the Credits for todays look. Have a great weekend lovlies !

image used in blogpost

Items used in this Blogpost:


Prism – Cindy Mesh Set – containing: Lavender Top & Pleated Skirt [not free | 399L$]


Sascha’s Furniture –  Minimal House Monotone [free as Huntgift for Make Home Over Hunt]

On the Bridge

the bridge 1

Only a few hours more and the Fantasy Faire 2012 openes to public – and here we are in my second post about the wonderful findings and creations. My whole outfit comes from Demons and Angels and it is well crafted. Like said before I am a rather tall avatar – but I only needed some small alterations to fit the gear and the clothing to my shape. And of course the clothing comes with resizer. The Dovahkiin outfit in black is one of the RFL items from D&A.

the bridge 2

On the bridge I found myself some company with this (wearable) unicorn. The unicorn comes in different versions depending what style to ride it you prefer. And it is also HUD controlled. The skin comes from De La Soul and features the color Chrys.

The Medieval Stone Bridge is another building from Trident – and it definitely is a brilliant item for every sim owner and landscaper. It does not only work for fantasy themed sims, but in general. It is very well made.

the bridge 3

List of stuff:

Hair: Dura **Dura-Boy**07 (Black)

Skin: DLS – Beaux – Ikon – Chrys

Ears: DLS – Ikon – Chrys Ears

Eyes: DLS – Radiance – MESH Eye – Violet

Outfit with boots: D&A Dovahkiin Black

Unicorn prob: WOE Unicorn White (White Oak Equines)

Bridge: Trident Medieval Stone Bridge II

Horn: Trident Triton Horn II (with animation)