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cloaked 1

I have a heart for villains. Often they are way more interesting then the hero and show much more facettes in their personality. This came to my mind when I chose this kind of darker look from my finds at the Fantasy Faire 2012.  The skin – again – is the RFL item from De La Soul but I made some slight alterations regarding the eyes and the horns which come from the Deamon Pack from DLS (more about it tomorrow). The cloaked coat comes from Demons and Angels and it is interesting that the coat works either for a priest and also for a demon.

cloaked 2

The cloak can be taken off – and it reveals the wonderful “hair” from Tekeli-li. Well – it is more tentacles then hair I think but it definitely gives you a very unique look. It has splendid details with all the rings and jewellery and fabric. Also you can see the mystic tattoos on the skin that has a very fine and subtile face definition. If you have a thing for fantasy skins DLS is definitely worth a stop and a purchase.

cloaked 3

List of stuff:

Hair: Tekeli-li Hali – scripted

Skin and Ears: DLS – Beaux – Ikon – Chrys

Outfit with Boots: D&A Greybeard Black