Demon on the Graves

Demon on the graves 1

Ever felt devilish? Well – good news – with the Fantasy Faire 2012 you can. De La Soul offer as RFL item this complete demon avatar – coming withskin, eyes, hooves, tail, wings, ears and clothing. It is a decent made avatar. And to be precise – the package includes also a shape for the demon, but i preferred to wear it on my own shape which also is not really an issue, cause the prim parts come with resizer. The hair comes from Tekeli-li and I love the idea with the third eye that moves and blinks. And the jewellery also comes from Tekeli-li.

Demon on the graves 2

The prob comes from Trident. The viking graves come in 3 different options (with different shields) and have this praying animation – shown above – included. And once again: if you have a thing for fantasy and you want to decorate your sim or your parcel you definitely should check out Trident!

Demon on the graves 3

List of stuff:

Hair: Tekeli-li Pnath – scripted

Avatar: DLS – Deamons – RFL Violent Male

Necklace and bracelets: Tekeli-li Pectinidae

Prob: Trident – Viking Graves

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