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Greetings Ladys !

Today I want to show some of my findings from the current Dressing Room and Dressing Room Blue. You all know, that I love strong colors and classic chic. And with the Mesh Dress from Bilo I have a complete colourful, classic look preapred. The Dress is currently available in standard sizing at the Dressing Room for just 60L$!

And yes, you’re all right! If I visit the Dressing Room, me as a shopaholic it’s more than a duty to have a look (yes -repating look) at the Dressing Room Blue as well. And … I found this great hair from  LoQ there. It comes in different colors with this beautiful hat.

There are two more reasons to have a visit at the both venues currently. This great pair of pumps, are available there nearly free. You find the left pumps(in different colors) at the Dressing Room and the right one (also in different colors) at the Dressing Room Blue. You just have to pay 1L$ for each.

After the next image you find the credits and SLurls to the items (and stores) … and for me a cold drink is waiting !

See you around everyone.

credits for items see below

Credits for Items used in this blogpost:

Hat & Hair:
LoQ Hair –  IceCream (Black) [currently available at Dressing Room Blue | 70 L$]

Crystal Line – “Ramona” [groupgift]

Bilo – Sushmita Dragonfruit Maxi [currently available at Dressing Room | 60L$]

TDR 2 years pumps GIFT – [available at Dressing Room & Dressing Room Blue | 1L$ for left & 1L$ for right – different colors included]

Copacabana Brasil