See No Evil


Friends of mine often complain that they do not know what to do in secondlife – that they are bored hopping from party to party, especially when no friends are online. Well, the solution is here and it is called the Sanity Falls Hunt. I will not get tired to advertise this one because the prices are incredibly good and the hunt itself is brilliant and nothing that you would expect from a hunt. It is an interactive adventure – nothing more, nothing less. And the 100L$ for the HUD you need for this hunt are possibly the best Lindendollars I have spent ever. So if you like PC games, if you like adventures and especially if you like hunts and gifts – this one is a MUST!

I completed the Sanity Falls Hunt yesterday and to my surprise you do not only receive gifts at every shop you have to look for the huntitem – you also receive 50 end prices from the participating merchants. And if you are lost somewhere, which can easily happen with the posters you have to find at Sanity Falls, the hunt group is extremely supportive.

Everything I am wearing, and also the prob I took the pictures in, are gifts from the hunt.


List of stuff:

Hair: [Shag] – Shine On – espresso (Sanity Falls Hunt – Part of the Alex Blackwell Avatar)

Blindfold: Indigo Oddities – Sensory Binder Blindfold (Sanity Falls Hunt)

Necklace: Magia – The Hole Necklace (Sanity Falls Hunt)

Hoodie: ~*Es Stylez*~ Sanity Falls Mesh Hoodie (Sanity Falls Hunt)

T-Shirt: *Just BECAUSE* Sanity Falls Shirt (Sanity Falls Hunt)

Pants: * CHANDELLE * Pants C. Black (Sanity Falls Hunt)

Shoes: DRD – Alex Blackwell Avatar (Sanity Falls Hunt)

Prob:  Creative Decay – Crime Scene Skybox full furnished (Sanity Falls Hunt)

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