Archive | April 30, 2012

Good Hair Day


I often have a bad hair day in RL. Especially when I am in a rush my head looks like a detonated sofa cushion. In secondlife we have all these wonderful wigs that look just perfect – no matter how long you have been on a party or how often you turned around in your sleep. Well – most of the time. Cause this is where [iruco] jumps in. [iruco] just released two new hairstyles and if there is one thing I absolutely love about the hair it must be that it is not perfect. Do not get me wrong – it is perfect crafted, no doubt about that. But it is kind of messy with strains wandering in every possible and impossible direction. It just looks like you just got up and tried to tame it with your five finger comb. And for me the hair looks incredible realistic and therefor [iruco] gave me a good hair day in SL.

Mesh for lads still is a treasure quest on the grid. Not many designer offer reasonable mesh clothing for men which could be because there still is nothing like a reliable standard sizing for male avatars like there is for women. Nevertheless – there are a few items to be found. And ISPACHI just released these mesh longsleeve t-shirts in many different colors. They are plain without extravagant textures and just perfect for your casual look.

And finally the necklace comes from Frippery and is the ending huntgift from the Sanity Falls Hunt. It has neat details and is beautifully crafted. In general – if you are looking for some accessories Frippery is a good address for male jewellery that does not look loud and garish.


List of stuff:

Hair: [iruco] hair27 (black)

Necklace: Frippery – Forgotten Memories Bolo Tie (Sanity Falls Hunt)

Longsleeve: ISPACHI Mesh [Long Sleeved T-Shirt] green

Pants: GizzA – Christmas Groupgift Male

Location: self built set