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Things are coming back …

22769, Biastice, I<3Fashion

Hellos Sweets,

yes, slowly thinks are coming back to normal. My current project is nearly finished and I hope to have more time to show you the goodies from all around the Grid more often again. But, before we look into the future, I want to drag your attention on my todays look. Today, I mixed and matched up things. And that’s the thing I really, really love. For me the mixing of items is like looking through my rl-closet and decide what I’m wearing.

Lets start with this great Mesh Shirt from  Baiastice. The shirt is available at the current Dressing Room Blue for just 70L$. The package includes the dark ombre styled shirt in Standard Sizing. Also in Standard Sizing is the Mesh Miniskirt from 22769 (90L$).

Everything I need, I have in this great bag from I ❤ Fashion. You can find this wonderful item at the current Stuff in Stock for just 80L$.  The bag comes with three different holding animations included. Right after a close up image of the bag, you’ll find all credits for items used in this blogpost. Read you soon sweet !

detail of the bag

Credits of items in this blogpost:

Baiastice  – Heather Mesh Shirt – dark ombre [available at The Dressing Room Blue | 70L$]

22769 ~ casual couture – miniskirt white silk [mesh] [available at the Flagshipstore | 90L$]

{*I <3FashiOn*} –  Black&Gold [available at the current Stuff in Stock |80L$]


Image taken at the rebuilded 22769 ~ casual couture Flagshipstore.



Ok guys: I know it is hard to accept, but in male clothing there are more colors then black, blue and white (and all tones inbetween). Color is fun and color is style. And therefor the Men Only Hunt 2 – which has the theme “United Colors of Men” – hopefully convinces you to be brave and bold and ad some more tones to your wardrobe. Today I want to introduce you to “lime”. Lime is something between green and yellow and looks fresh, summerish and definitely stylish.


The fun thing: Lime is a fairly young color. According to wikipedia the first use of the word “lime” to describe a color was 1890 and for a color that is pretty late. As you can certainly tell its name comes from the citrus-fruit limes. Color nerds differ between many shades of lime like electric lime (which is quite popular in psychedelic art), french lime and of course the exact definition of the web-color lime. Todays look goes more in the electric lime direction and – if I may say so – it is very disco. The mesh jeans are the gift from n-creation and comes in 3 different sizes. The tee with the quote “without music I am lifeless” comes from ABD. And talking about music: The fabulous headphones and also the finger tapes come once again from :.envious.: and are part of a complete outfit you can get for free, if you do the MOH2 hunt. The lime mesh eyes are the gift from Mayfly and the texturing on these eyes is extremely pretty.

To keep a long story short: color is not the enemy of a dudes wardrobe. Embrace color and for crying out loud: go hunting! You can not get more and better male items for free right now. And many of them are mesh. So what are you waiting for? See you there \o/


List of stuff:

Hair: [iruco] hair27 (black)

Eyes: Mayfly – LiquidLight Mesh Eyes (nuclear shadow) (MOH2)

Headphones: :.Envious.: – Hypnosis (part of an outfit) (MOH2)

Tee: ABD – Without Music green (MOH2)

Finger Tapes: :.Envious.: – Hypnosis (part of an outfit) (MOH2)

Pants: n-creation – corr jeans lime mesh (MOH2)

Poses: MotionLess – Vibrant Spectacle (MOH2 – Gift)

Prince Charming

Prince Charming 1

Don’t you ever, don’t you ever
Stop being dandy, showing me you’re handsome
Prince Charming, Prince Charming
Ridicule is nothing to be scared of

My sister played this song to me when I was about 6 years old – and she was a huge Adam Ant fan. And maybe it is silly, but I forgot about this tune til today when I put together my look. First there was the native skin from [A N A T O M Y] Body Shop with the blue stripe across the face. And when I put on the fantastic Military Jacket from Kauna the song jumped in my brain (and still is staying there, cause I am humming it while I write this entry). All I needed to finish the Adam and the Ants look was some striped pants and thankfully 22769 ~ casual couture gift these mesh capri trousers in the MOH2. And – drumroll please – they are in Standard Sizing! Yes you have heard right: finally mesh standard sizing for men is released! And hopefully this encourages even more designer to create mesh clothing for men. And last but not least: the chucks are also a gift from the MOH2. They belong to a complete outfit from :.Envious.: called Hypnosis.

Prince Charming 2

List of stuff:

Hair: [Atro Patena] Kelvin Black

Eyes: .ID. Liquid Eyes (for Mens Dept.)

Skin: [A N A T O M Y] Body Shop – Native Skin (MOH2)

Jacket: Kauna – Military Jacket (mesh) (MOH2)

Pants: 22769 ~ casual couture [homme] capri trousers striped (mesh)(MOH2)

Shoes: :.Envious.: – Hypnosis (part of an outfit) (MOH2)

Poses: [Expressive Poses] Stripped Set (MOH2)


Some Quality Time


Sometimes you just need some quality time with yourself. As much as I love going to cafes, bars or go dancing – sometimes I enjoy to be alone. You know, slacking around in some comfi wear and literally doing nothing. I chose for this purpose my todays outfit. And again – everything can be found at the upcoming Men Only Hunt 2 (only 2 more days before it starts, boys!). And one thing I was not able to resist because of my studies is the Fillmore Tank from Elmont. A neat pattern for some, a pop art poster design classic from the 60ies for the other. The motiv is one of the famous concert posters of the Fillmore West Theatre where some psychedelic rock bands like The Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane have been on stage.


As you certainly know – one thing I adore in secondlife is art and design. So I decided to decorate my skybox this way. The painting in my back is from the artist Gabrielle Swindelhurst and it is a snip at the current Gallery Gift Shop. It is called “A certain kind of sadness” and it is kind of moody but beautiful the same time. I cheated a bit on the furniture, cause the furniture pack comes with the prefab “A place less ordinary” from Designer Prims I blogged about in my post Chilling. But the furniture can become purchased in the Designer Prims Maistore individually also. The potted flower on the left comes from [CIRCA] who make wonderful plant decorations.


And talking about: This multi stand from [CIRCA] is definitely one of my most favorite finds at the current 5th Annual Home And Garden Expo. The idea is simple but effectice. And it makes such a great decoration item and brings life in your virtual home. My denims and sneakers are from LaRosa and are also a gift in the MOH2. The jeans are rigged mesh. And my bracelets and necklace come from CPD and are a brilliant addition for a summery beachy look.


And finally: the skybox. It is from Designer Prims again and can be found at the Home And Garden Expo. The “Holiday Skybox” only has 49 prims (including the patio) and is not too heavy to put your own style of furniture and decorations in. Again the design is very open and this is one thing I like the best about the creations of Designer Prims. It is one room seperated by room deviders. The rooms are connected and still you have a separee.


List of stuff:

Hair: Dura *Dura-Boy*24 (black)

Necklace and Bracelets: :*:CPD:*: Big Kahuna (MOH2)

Tank: Elmont – The Fillmore Tank (MOH2)

Trousers and Shoes: LaRosa Crotch Pants and Sneaker (MOH2)

Skybox: Designer Prims – Holiday Skybox (Home And Garden Expo)

Furniture: Designer Prims – Livingroom Set (Home And Garden Expo)
included in the A Place Less Ordinary Prefab – can become purchased individually at the Designer Prims Mainstore

Art: A certain kind of sadness by Gabrielle Swindlehurst (The Gallery Gift Shop)

Table plant comes with furniture pack
Potted Plant: [CIRCA] – “The GreenHouse” Meadow Potted Iris – Exotic (Home And Garden Expo)
Plant Stand: [CIRCA] Pkg – “The GreenHouse” Multi Stand – Ivory (5 plants) (Home And Garden Expo)

Clockwork Orange (recolored)


Time to listen to some Beethoven guys! If someone would come to the idea to reshoot Clockwork Orange as machinima in SL – I have the right outfit for him. The Men Only Hunt (starting May 26th) has a theme this time: United Colors of Men. And indeed the designers created some colorful and unique gifts for you guys. My modern “Alex” outfit is put together with some of the hunt-rewards. The blue bowler and the hair is from MONS. The piercing comes from .HollyWeird. and the face tattoo from [White Widow]. The ear gauges are from MULHOLLAND and have a colorchanger. Japanese inspired are the geisha tattoo from RAMS TATTOO and the retro dragon jeans from TS who also have a top in their gift which is not shown here. Latreia give away these sneaker and the armchair prob in shocking yellow comes from supPOSEdly and the pose I used for this picture is one of the poses included in the prob.

Before I am off for my “Ludovico treatment” – I better give you the credits of todays look.


List of stuff:

Hair: MONS / hair – Sammy (cherry) (MOH2)

Piercing: .HollyWeird. Splash – Unisex Facial Piercing (MOH2)

Face-Tattoo: [White Widow] Face Tattoo Men left2 (MOH2)


Body-Tattoo: RAMS TATTOO – Geisha Tattoo (MOH2)

Pants: TS – retro dragon jeans (MOH2)

Shoes: Latreia – Kix Black Multi (MOH2)

Prob: supPOSEdly-his seat (MOH2)