Shocking all Cultures


There is one event I was waiting impatiently to start – and it is called Culture Shock. Culture Shock gatheres well known designers and high quality shops together on one sim who show off new creations. Proceeds of your purchases go to Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders) – so it is not only shopping for your entertainment but also for a good cause. And also I am very glad to tell you that there are brilliant finds for men also! Culture Shock openes May, 4th (4pm SLT) and closes May, 26th


For this look I combined (parts of) the donation outfits from ~plank couture~, blackLiquid and A:S:S with their new sub-brand A:S:S Decades. The pose I used is from STATUS. Okay – it is not really your everydays look, but this is not what SL is about in my opinion. secondlife is a virtual world which allows all kind of expressions. And since we have a lack of facial expressions with our avatars it is appropriate to show it in the outfit you are wearing. And therefor the – hum – outfit (?) from ~plank couture~, like all their creations, work brilliant!


List of stuff:

Head: blackLiquid HOOD – silver lace hood / black pearls (Culture Shock)

Outfit: ~plank couture~ Sagittarius ad Sebastiani (Culture Shock)

Pants: A:S:S Decades – Etienne breeches – red 1 (Culture Shock – part of the Etienne Outfit)

Pose: STATUS Cajsa3 (Culture Shock)

Picture taken here.


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