Spotlights on Culture Shock


Only a few hours left til Culture Shock opens. And time for me to show some more stuff for men from the event. First of all this wonderful prob from Sparrowtree Studios. It is very disco, very Studio 54 and all kinds of fabulous. The 9 poses are pretty unisex, and are easy to adjust. You can also change the color of the lights by one click. It is a brilliant idea for fun pictures as well as for fancy model shots. I strongly recommend this one.

The skin I am in is also from Culture Shock. The Antonio skin from AKERUKA has a very muscular definition and an appealing shading on the face. It comes with eyeliner and hairbase. So if you think about a change check out this skin.

[Lazybum] offer these Tropical Square Cut Briefs as donation item for Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders). It comes with optional bulge and drawstrings. One word about the bulge: [Lazybum] did a pretty amazing texture job here. It is hard to see a crossing from the prim bulge to the texture. I also like that the bulge is not oversized but very realistic.


And now please take a closer look on this marvellous necklace. Like nearly everything from FINESMITH JEWELRY it is a piece of art. It is raw and very tribal and I especially love the idea that it works from the front and from the back with the extension. Again a great idea and a proof for the overboarding creativity you can expect from the Culture Shock designers.


List of stuff:

Hair: Dura *Dura-Boy*24 (black)

Skin: AKERUKA Antonio Skin pale (for Culture Shock)

Necklace: FINESMITH Safari back necklace (for Culture Shock)

Briefs: [Lazybum] Tropical Square Cut Briefs (for Culture Shock)

Prob: Sparrowtree Studios Poses – Circles Of Light (for Culture Shock)

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