Where have you been so long?


When mesh came to the grid I lurked around a certain store from which I expected that the creator will blow us away with fabulous mesh items. I thought: “Ok, if someone is such an artist with sculpties he must be one of the first who will release mesh clothing for guys. But… nothing happened. For nearly 15 months I did not find one single new release. Not even a sculpted one. I finally came to the conclusion that the creative mind behind this certain store has lost his interest in SL. Nevertheless – I still did not dump the group because of nostalgic reasons.

When I logged on this afternoon I found a groupnotice and I guess I hold my breath for at least a minute. In other words: SEY is back! After 15 months of silence Risey Aray did not only gave us a lifesign but also a complete new item. And what can I say: expectations fulfilled! The mesh cardigan is extremely well modeled and rigged. And even better: SEY is running a promotion offer on the marketplace with a 30% discount on the mesh cardigans. Guess someone has a guilty conscience for leaving us alone for so long 😉


Nevertheless boys – the Mens Dept. is the place to be right now (talking about bargain deals). I wrote about the mesh denims from 22769 already and as you can see I refuse to take them off. But look at this Soft Cotton Tied Scarf Ombre from Tee*fy. The scarf comes not only in a mesh, but also in an “old school” version that is not rigged (for wearing it together with other mesh items). Well thought – I appreciate that a lot. The Pause Loafers come from BALACLAVA! and give your outfit a very cosy look and feel.

Finally the hair comes from [Iruco] and again I really love the slightly messy style.


List of stuff:

Hair: [iruco] hair14M (black)

Scarf: Tee*fy – Soft Cotton Tied Scarf Ombre (for Mens Dept.)

Cardigan: :sey – Mesh Cardigan [Gr.Border-Black] NEW! Marketplace offer

Jeans: 22769 ~ casual couture – Schanzen Denims (for Mens Dept.)

Shoes: BALACLAVA!! – Pause Loafers (Tonto) (for Mens Dept.)

Poses: {.:exposeur:.} Oh Boy (for Mens Dept.)

Picture taken here

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