Archive | May 15, 2012

Drama King


I catched the flu and this is so typical for me. Spring is here, weather gets fine and I am lying in bed with fever and a running nose. Meh! I know that I am not the most patient sick person in the world. Some might call me even a drama king. Sooo – this cardigan from the Mens Dept. comes in handy, cause indeed it is called: Drama King.

The cardigan comes in several wearing options (sleeves up and down) and also with this grey v-neck shirt I am also wearing. It has neat details like the I-Phone and the pencil in the pocket and i especially love the leopard patterned pockets. The prim parts are way easy to adjust. Around my neck I am wearing the grey Tee*fy Soft Cotten Scarf grey. And the Poses are also from the Mens Dept and come from {.:exposeur:.}


List of stuff:

Hair: [NSD] Cullen Hair/Noir

Eyes: .ID. Liquid Eyes (for Mens Dept.)

Scarf: Tee*fy – Soft Cotton Tied Scarf Grey (for Mens Dept.)

Cardigan and Shirt: {HVK} Drama King Hook Up (for Mens Dept.)

Poses: {.:exposeur:.} Oh Boy (for Mens Dept.)

Picture taken here.