Ok guys: I know it is hard to accept, but in male clothing there are more colors then black, blue and white (and all tones inbetween). Color is fun and color is style. And therefor the Men Only Hunt 2 – which has the theme “United Colors of Men” – hopefully convinces you to be brave and bold and ad some more tones to your wardrobe. Today I want to introduce you to “lime”. Lime is something between green and yellow and looks fresh, summerish and definitely stylish.


The fun thing: Lime is a fairly young color. According to wikipedia the first use of the word “lime” to describe a color was 1890 and for a color that is pretty late. As you can certainly tell its name comes from the citrus-fruit limes. Color nerds differ between many shades of lime like electric lime (which is quite popular in psychedelic art), french lime and of course the exact definition of the web-color lime. Todays look goes more in the electric lime direction and – if I may say so – it is very disco. The mesh jeans are the gift from n-creation and comes in 3 different sizes. The tee with the quote “without music I am lifeless” comes from ABD. And talking about music: The fabulous headphones and also the finger tapes come once again from :.envious.: and are part of a complete outfit you can get for free, if you do the MOH2 hunt. The lime mesh eyes are the gift from Mayfly and the texturing on these eyes is extremely pretty.

To keep a long story short: color is not the enemy of a dudes wardrobe. Embrace color and for crying out loud: go hunting! You can not get more and better male items for free right now. And many of them are mesh. So what are you waiting for? See you there \o/


List of stuff:

Hair: [iruco] hair27 (black)

Eyes: Mayfly – LiquidLight Mesh Eyes (nuclear shadow) (MOH2)

Headphones: :.Envious.: – Hypnosis (part of an outfit) (MOH2)

Tee: ABD – Without Music green (MOH2)

Finger Tapes: :.Envious.: – Hypnosis (part of an outfit) (MOH2)

Pants: n-creation – corr jeans lime mesh (MOH2)

Poses: MotionLess – Vibrant Spectacle (MOH2 – Gift)

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One response to “Lime”

  1. Danaf says :

    oh my! I luvs the lime and those eyes are stunning

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