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As you most certainly know I am a student in RL. What you maybe do not know: I am a killer also. Not the cool kind like Dexter i.e., but more the clumsy kind. I do not kill people – I murder plants. Honestly I do love plants. I love it when a room has this extra green here and there. Thing is I absolutely can not take care of them. I even managed to murder my cactus last winter – and these fellows survive deserts! Maybe it is because I dumped the rest of cold coffee way to often in their soil…

Anyways – in SL it is absolutely irrelevant if you can raise and breed plants – you just can purchase them and put them here and there and you never have to take care of them anymore. In other words: Nestor kind of plants. And at the 5th Annual Home And Garden Expo I just found the perfect shop for my green needs in SL. [CIRCA] offer a wide range of neat decorative plants with holders and pots. In above picture you can see the GeoDome Terrariums I just had to buy since my mother always had some of them. The sideboard is also a find from the Home And Garden Expo and is from *KK*. The cute cat wall-comic is from the current Gallery Gift Shop.


You also can find a lot of outdoor plants at the Home And Garden Expo. The set containing the bench, the rug and the potted palm tree comes from [ba] and there is even more in it (I will show you within the next days).

But let’s finally start to talk about my todays look: believe it or not – all of it is free. And all of it is mesh. The Men Only Hunt (starting May 26th) has a lot of mesh items for men to find. The check shirt is the price from BUID and the fabulous shorts are from 7Style. The bangles and the shoes are also mesh and prove that creators have way more possibilities to build wonderful items with mesh then with sculpts.  The bangles are from WTG and the zebra sneakers are the gift from Latreia. Oh and all poses I used in this blogpost (except the ones that are in the furniture) are the gift from Purple Poses.


The wonderful prefab is – again – a find at the Home And Garden Expo and comes from L2 Studio. It is very mediterranian and I especially love the division between the livingroom and the bedroom. It is a wonderful build and the window shades and doors can become opened seperately. And with 109 prims overall it is not that heavy that you can not decorate it for your personal needs. Definitely a marvellous house!


List of stuff:

Prefab: L2 Studio Zapallar Renovation 109 prims (Home And Garden Expo)

Hair: **Pocket Mirrors** Robert Charcoal (free at Berlin 1920s)

Glasses: MotionLess Vibrant Spectacle (MOH2)

Bangles: +:+WTG+:+ [MESH] **4bits**bangle (MOH2)

Shirt: BUID Mesh Dress Shirt (MOH2)

Shorts: ::7Style:: Jeans Shorts Mesh (MOH2)

Shoes: Latreia – Trek Zebra

Indoor Sideboard: *KK* RFL Berkley Sideboard Sculpt Set (Home And Garden Expo)

Indoor Plants: [CIRCA] GeoDome Terrarium Green Large and Green Small Mix (Home And Garden Expo)

Indoor Art: {Kiro} Woes of Maths (The Gallery Gift Shop)

Outdoor Furniture: [ba] catalina outdoor sofa, catalina outdoor rug, fancy potted palm 1 (Home And Garden Expo)

Poses: Purple Poses Set (MOH2)

Pretty Women

for items please see blow

Happy Monday Ladies !

Todays insperation for the blogpost comes from last night. Yes, I have to admit, I was in that mood to watch Pretty Women again. And after the first minutes, it turns into a private ladies night (my beloved significant other started snoring next to me right after the start). Maybe I should fall at sleep the time he watches his movies. But anyways, I’ve told you already about the Gallery Gift Shop before. And today I want to show you the item from 22769 which they have for sale at the venue for just 100L$. There is also a matching male item, I’m sure Nestor will show it to you in the next days.

The Draped Beach Dress is a mesh dress with an interesting cut. I think, you can wear it with trousers or as stand alone dress and show off your long legs for the special sexy look. With this two dressing options, it’s just an awesome dress.  The dress itself comes in standard sizing, but as always before purchase mesh clothing: Try a demo for fitting first!  The draped dress is also available in different colurs in the 22769 Flagshipstore (150L$).

Again, I’m wearing for this blogpost my Alice Project Hair, available at faMESHed. The sunglasses currently not available for sale. But Ladies, I’m pretty sure, you all have the matching glasses for being hot at the beach.

Have a great relaxing day everyone and an even better start in the week.

Credits for Items I’m wearing in this blogpost:

Alice Project – Ashleigh  – Infinity [available at FaMESHed | 250L$]

Belleza –  Lily V2 Medium Group Gift [free for groupmembers | groupentry fee 250L$]

22769 ~ casual couture – Draped Dress beach style [available at the Gallery Gift Shop | 100L$]

Image taken at the Gallery Gift Shop Venue



Sunny days are here! And since I have had a rather rough weekend I decided to start the week easy. That means: chilling in my new beach house I got myself at the 5th Annual Home And Garden Expo. The prefab is from Designer Prims and what I like best about this house is the open architecture. The rooms float in each other and make a perfect hangout. The prefab comes with kitchen, pool and plants. There is also a furniture pack that I did not use in the pictures.


Bad thing – since I worked hard on the weekend I found absolutely nothing in my fridge except this old bone. Maybe I should sneak over to Mondras place to get myself some food. Nevertheless: welcome to my kitchen. The artwork in the background (and also the mouthy) are my recent finds from the Gallery Gift Shop. And again – if you are looking for artworks for your virtual home – the Gallery Gift Shop is the place to be. There is some stunning art to be found there.


Since I decided to have a slacker monday I refuse to take on any clothes but my retro briefs I got myself from the Mens Dept. It is from [Lazybum] and again it is extremely well textured with easy to adjust prim parts. The skin I am wearing is a preview for the upcoming Men Only Hunt. It comes from (red)sand and comes also with colorful tattoo layers and some trousers. A very reasonable gift if you ask me. And talking about gifts: also the rainbow shades are from the Men Only Hunt. They come from ShadZ. The lounge set is again from the 5th Annual Home And Garden Expo and comes from [Park Place]. The lounger have several animations (male and female) and they are copy – so you can rez as much of them as you want to.


List of stuff:

Prefab: Designer Prims: A Place Less Ordinary (1800 L$ – to be found on Home and Garden Expo)

Furniture: [Park Place] Chill Out Lounge and Side Table (at the Home and Garden Expo)

Hair: [NSD] Cullen Hair/Noir

Skin: (red)sand The Goof (MOH2 – Gift)

Shades: ShadZ – classic (MOH2 – Gift)

Briefs: [Lazybum] Retro Square Cut Briefs (for The Mens Dept.)

Mouthy: k_gs Bone “I’m your dog” (for The Gallery Gift Shop)

Art: Idle – Peace (for The Gallery Gift Shop)

Poses: MotionLess – Vibrant Spectacle (MOH2 – Gift)

A view to die for


There are uncountable fashion fairs in SL – and that is good of course. Even better: finally there is a fair for prefabs, furniture and plants! The 5th Annual Home And Garden Expo has just started this weekend and there is so much adorable stuff to show. Please be prepared that this entry will have a lot more pictures then my regular entries. But it is oh so worth it.

reBourne Prefabs introduce their new creation on the Home And Garden Fair. It is called “The Dome” and it is all kinds of awesome. Forget about square rooms and prims glued together in the usual way. This is for living! Face the facts – only a few people can afford luxory homes in real life – in SL outstanding prefabs are just a teleport away. And “The Dome” is lush luxory.

The above standing collage is giving you a glimps of what you can expect from this building. Splendid windowfronts with an appealing structure, tasteful textures and a modern appeal with a certain retro vibe. The Dome not only comes as “simple house” (and i see simple in connection with this building as an insultment) but with a surrounding like a pool, a bar, a fireplace, a kitchen and many stuff to explore more. If you tend to become bored with the homes you purchase way too easy – this one is definitely for you. It is impossible to become bored with this one. And if you are a style addict – welcome to your new home.


Above standing picture shows maybe best what I am talking about. It is like a snake shell for people. And – to get the connection to the headline of this post – you have a full front view from every single room in this building.  And now comes the best part: the house is 50% off for 24 hours. So if I (hopefully) convinced you better jump to the Home And Garden Expo to get you copy of this marvellous building.


List of stuff:

Prefab: reBourne – The Dome (for Home and Garden Expo)

Hair: [NSD] Cullen Hair/Noir

Eyes: .ID. Liquid Eyes (for Mens Dept.)

Cardigan: :sey – Mesh Cardigan [black 27] Marketplace Review Reward

The Golden Cage

items please see below blogpost

Hellos Sweets,

mixing Art and Shopping sounds like a great idea. Well, then The Gallery Gift Shop is on top of your To Do List this weekend. Because you can find great Art and a lot of new/exclusive releases from Designers all over the Grid at one place.

For my todays look, I expanded my eylashes with the meshed ones by #7 available at the venue. There are two different styles available for you ladies. The black ones I’m wearing and another set spiced up with May birthstones. Both are available for just 49L$ each!

The arm and collar are part of the Ellora II Dress from Evis Closet. This is a special The Gallery Gift Shop Edition. Not in the Picture, but also inlcuded in the dress are some wings. The complete set from Evis Closet is available for just 150L$.

Ladies, I’m in a bit of hurry latley .. so I just give you the credits after the next image.  Read you soon !

credits see below

Credits for items I used for todays look:

Wasabi Pills – Annette Mesh Hair – Royal [not Free | 250 L$ per color]

#7 – Individually Primmed LASHES – [available at The Gallery Gift Shop | 49L$]

Evis Closet – Ellora II – Black – Gallery Gift Shop Edition [available at The Gallery Gift Shop | 150L$]