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I guess I already told you that I am clumsy? Anyways – I went to this shop Europa to check it out. The shop is in a skysphere and it is kind of neat. Very scifi and such. But well lag got me and I fell over the border of the shop platform and “took the lift” 3000 meters to the ground. In no way graceful. But: I found there this beautiful sim with floating islands in the air and glowing bushes, dead trees, sceletons and – well – boys stuff. So I decided to take a picture there. At least I can pretend now that I fell down on purpose, eh?

Okays guys – nearly everything you see in this picture is for free. Right! Let’s start with the pants and the tee: Both are the current groupgift from <kal rau>, both are mesh and both come with a color change hud. So well – a lot of combination possibilities and of course the shirt and the shorts can become worn seperate also. Not too shabby for a groupgift I’d say. The necklace and the adorable boots are huntgifts from the current running MHO7 Hunt. The quality on both is amazing. The boots from *Musim* even match my RL style since I most of the time wear boots (yeah also in summer) and love to combine them with shorts, capris or whatever. The necklace from K!ING has unbelievable details and one of the must haves from the hunt.


List of stuff:

Hair: Dura *Dura-Emo*07(black)

Shirt and Shorts: <kal rau> – V-Neck and Cargo Shorts (Groupgift)

Necklace: K!NG – Steel Necklace (MHOH7 Gift)

Boots: *Musim* – Troy Boots brown (MHOH7 Gift)

Picture taken here.

On Safari


Hello Sweeties,

today clearly is not my day. I woke up way too late, had to rush and have my head up all in the clouds. The strangest things happen to me today. So well – I decided to go a bit on Safari in second life just to relax. But my bad day karma followed me even there! But first things first: I have told you yesterday already about the closing sale at Finesmith. What I did not tell you is that there is a hunt going on at Finesmith also. You can find 20 hidden items in the store and get so much wonderful stuff. I combined some of it in the pictures – and Ladies – there is definitely more to come! So the necklace, the ring, the earrings and even the bag and the sandals come from that hunt! And these items are wonderful made. One thing you should be aware of: to do this hunt you have to be a Finesmith VIP member and the joining fee is 100L$. On the other hand you get 20 wonderful items and even a groupgift and this is not too bad in my opinion.

The question now was – with what can I combine my new hunted jewellery and accessory? Well – it was not really a huge task for me. Nyu offers minimalistic high fashionable mesh clothing and this tube dress matches perfectly.

I have told you about my bad day karma. And it happened in second life also. I found the right place to make some photos, I found my look and then started changing my hair. So I picked the wonderful Wasabi Pills Annette Mesh Hair but forgot to remove the bangs from my Alice Project Yolanda Hair. And I did not even noticed! When I checked the pictures on my computer I thought: “Well this is way strange – I do not remember that the Anette Hair looked that way.” But I was not able to put a finger on it since it looked quite natural to me. When I started to write down the credits for this post I recognized what happened. On the other hand – it looks great. Normally I would never come to the idea to combine two different hairstyles in one, but judge for yourself: I kinda like this look. So well – things happened but at the end of the day it was a lucky coincidence.

Before I snuggle up on my sofa to just end the day – I will give you the credits for todays look. Read you soon, Sweeties


Credits for items I used for todays look:

Wasabi Pills – Annette Mesh Hair – Royal [not Free | 250 L$ per color]
Alice Project – Yolanda  – Infinity [former huntgift for Mesh Around 2012 | free – Huntgift]

Jewellery, Accessory and Shoes:
FINESMITH – Cougar Groupgift (necklace, ring and earrings) | Wild Sandals and Wild Travel Bag (storehunt)  [needs Group tag | 100L$ joining fee | not free]

NYU –Tube Dress Nude [former FaMeshed item | not free]


Like a Lotus Flower


Hello Sweeties,

looks like summer took a break here. It is raining cats and dogs and all weekend plans for picnics in the park and BBQ’s and stuff like that are on hold. But in SL it is always summer – at least when you choose the right sim. So I said to myself: if I can not have summer in RL then at least I am looking for something summerish in SL. And I found it with this wonderful dress from 22769 ~ casual couture. I love the indian pattern so much. But Ladies – beware! The dress has a very revealing cut in the back. That is why I included just another picture to show you what I mean…


See what I talked about? You can be sure to get a lot of attention from the boys when you wear this one at any occasion.

But lets talk about jewellery, shall we? You maybe have heard already that Finesmith has a huge closing sale. This is truly sad news, cause Finesmith is one of the most influental accessories brands at all in SL. The good news is: everything is marked down to 100 L$. So I went there and got myself this wonderful necklace and the matching earrings and ring from the Rehana Series. Let me tell you – it is georgeous. And just to complete my look I hopped over to everyones favorite sales event The Gallery Gift Shop and got myself the Princess Lashes from #7. But I will give you the complete credits after a closer look to the jewellery and the lashes. Read you soon.


Credits for items used:

Alice Project – Yolanda  – Infinity [former huntgift for Mesh Around 2012 | free – Huntgift]

#7 – Not Your Princess Lashes [available at The Gallery Gift Shop  | 49L$ | not free]

Necklace, Earrings and Ring:
FINESMITH –Rehana Platinum [closing sale | 100L$ | not free]

22769 ~ casual couture  – Sophia Dress India Pink [new release | 190L$]


SLB9 (last day today!)



No, not mine. I finally got the time to stroll over the SLB9 sims – and if you have not yet, better hurry up, cause the event closes tomorrow! Anyways – I found some spectacular buildings there. Creators have, once again, outdone themselfes to celebrate the 9th birthday of our virtual enviroment. And of course, since this is still the hottest news, mesh takes a huge part there. The structure I am on is one example: it is very scifi with wings floating in thin air and a central landing platform. Brilliant to take some pictures.

So I could not resist. Once again I am wearing mesh clothing from NYU. The long pants are quite elegant with a subtile stripes pattern and a way realistic folding. The loose shirt just matches perfectly to the trousers. And I added the :sey edokin necklace as final touch.


List of stuff:

Hair: [iruco] hair27 (black)

Necklace:  :sey – Freebie Department edokin necklace

Shirt: NYU – Loose Shirt Teal

Trousers: NYU – Long Pants Black

Pictures taken here.

Angel like

for credits please see below

Happy Friday my sweets,

we nearly make it through the week. Some of you are already in the -well deserved- weekend, for all other the hours are counting. And, yes with weekend ahead, the work on our guardian angels are about to begin. So I decided to support mine this weekend. For this great cause, I put on my latest find from The Gallery Gift Shop. The MiuMin Kimono Angel is perfect for this. Maybe Fred – yes, that’s the name of the lucky one who had to protect me- will roll his eyes and say: You can’t do it on this shoes. But, I will proof him wrong.

But back to this great find from The Gallery Gift Shop. This wonderful Kimono by MiuMin is a masterpiece of clothing. The natural flow of the skirt matches perfectly your body movements.  Completed is this great item by the shoes and the small angel wings in the package. And you can choose at the venue between a trans version or a copy version. This makes it a perfect piece of gifting.

The small hairfeathers you see in the picture before my credits for this great look, are also included in this awesome combination.

for credits please see below

Now, I hear Freds bell ring. This is my sign to finally meet up with him, and for you check out the credits of the items used in this blogpost. Read you soon sweets !

Items used in this blogpost:

MiuMin  – Kimono-Angel White – [available at The Gallery Gift Shop | available in a copy OR trans version | 180L$ | not free]

included in the package of the MiuMin Kimono Angle White [please see above for details]

SL9th Birthday Sim