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Lost in the Libary


Sorry for my absence these days. I turned into a bookworm and spent ages in the libary since I have had an important test today. And what can I say – it went pretty well – weeeeee… Anyways – lucky coincidence: I stumbled across a store with the most amazing skyboxes in second life. Garden of Dreams – or short GoT – offer, well lets say, unusual skyboxes for everyone. And since they also offer a libary as skybox I just was not able to resist.


The libary comes completely furnished and has overall 423 prims. And as you can see in the picture – it is rather big (40 x 40 meter). And it has a lot of animations like on the fireplace, on all chairs and desks, in the book shelfs and book stands… In other words – you can have a lot of fun with this one (and yes – some x-rated animations are also included). What I love best about the skybox from GoT is the transport system – there is no easier way to set up a skybox. You rez the box rezzer on the ground, rez the “Transportation bubble”, let the skybox rez (which will become rezzed in 1000 meter hight) and just slip in the bubble that teleports you directly in your skybox. Brilliant and neat idea!

So if you are fed up with the usual 4 walls with floor and ceiling and want to have some Harry Potter feeling in your new virtual home i strongly recomment the libary. But anyways: GoT has so much more to offer. A desert skybox, an old tree to live in, a tibetan temple… anything you can think of and that is slightly unusual – you will find it here. So you definitely have to visit the Garde of Dreams.

My todays look comes – again – from the Men Only Hunt 2. The tank, the boots and the denims – all mesh – come from Gabriel and my nerdy glasses are the gift from CheerNo.


List of stuff:

Hair: Hype – Jory Hair // Black

Glasses: [CheerNo] Glasses – MARLEY*Painted Yellow Lens B (for MOH2)

Outfit and Boots: ::GB:: MOH2 Limited Set (for MOH2)

Poses: Purple Poses Set (MOH2)

Prefab: Garden of Dreams – The Libary Skybox: 423 Prims / 2000 L$

faMESHed around

credits please see below

Happy Friday sweets !

Finally the weekend has arrived, and work is done! This means to me a lot after this stressy week. But, there are currently so many intresting things going on inworld, that I have already marked a lot of time for exploring second life, hunting and shopping! And as always, my mission is: to show the best finds on the grid.

So we better get started for my todays look. And yes, today the first mesh only hunt started –  Mesh Around 2012! Yes, I already wear my hunting shoes. But the first stop after logging in today was the new collection  faMESHed. This wonderful sales event opened it’s doors for a new collection tonight at noon. And -one of the reasons I have to visit this place- is the wonderful Koko hair  from Alice Project there on sale for just 250L$.

And look at my hot dress. The Sophia Dress is the huntgift from 22769 ~ casual couture for Mesh Around 2012. And this dress has a really deep cut at the back. So with this dress, the guys should be really happy to see you from the back. The dress comes, as recently all female mesh items from 22769, in standard sizing. I see some male items in the new released standard sizing for men too !  (So I better should tell Nestor about it.)

While I was visiting the store, I was really lucky and found the [femme] Huntgift for the Silk Road Hunt3 at their place, too. Two great golden mesh braclets.

So, now I better stop talking – to give credits of the items for todays look – before I putting my hunting shoes on. See ya on the hunttrack.

Credits for todays Items:

Alice Project – Koko  – Infinity [available at FaMESHed | 250L$]

22769 ~ casual couture – Sophia Dress [Huntgift for Mesh Around | free]

22769 ~ casual couture – Golden Bracelets [mesh] – [available as Huntgfit for Silk Road Hunt 3 | free]

Gift from a friend [not for sale]

22769 Sim