Today I want to show you some awesome things to find in SL for low money – or in fact: for free! Hunting is a fun thing and often time consuming. And no doubt – it clutters your inventory big time. On the other hand there is one thing I absolutely love about hunts. You get introduced to many shops and places you most probably have never heard of. And if the theme is somewhat appealing it doubles the fun.

The Silk Road Hunt is such a hunt. The theme is the ancient silk road – but you also can translate it like: buildings and items from different cultures. And, just to repeat myself, I love this about second life.


When you are a blogger, or into SL photography, you most certainly know that one of the hardest tasks is to find the right location or poses. I was lucky to find the Silk Road Gift at Pierre Ceriano – because the gift is this awesome Samarkand Caravanserai – this huge plaza I took todays photos in. It is the perfect background! And even better: the initial building is rather huge (footprint 80 x 80 meter) but Pierre also has put the building components of the Samarkand Caravanserai in the gift. So you can alter the building for your needs. And for photography friends: there are enough gates and interesting structures to create wonderful shadows also, not to mention the excellent texturing.

From one of the biggest finds in the Silk Road Hunt to one of the tiniest gifts: Dressed by Lexi donate this adorable “Heaven and Earth Turtle Talisman” Necklace. The texturing reminds me a bit of Art Deco and it just is way too cute. Hey – everyone loves turtles. Oh and the meditation pose I used in the first picture is also included in the gift! The pants and the boots are from the Men Only Hunt 2 and come from SWAK.


List of stuff:

Hair: Dura – The 2nd year Anniversary hair (Wood Bark)

Necklace: ::DBL:: – Heaven and Earth Turtle Talisman RS (SRH3)

Pants and Boots: SWAK – Got Head? (MOH2)

Building: Pierre Ceriano – Samarkand Caravanserai (SRH3)

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