Me and Miss Wu


I showed you some wonderful and colorful buildings and finds from the Silk Road Hunt so far – it was a bit like 1001 nights. Time to show the dark side of the Silk Road also. And the dark and filthy side is connected to one person: Miss Wu.

Miss Wu has an opium house where she offers her services. Organized as she is she keeps all in a little cabinet. The opium pipes, the potions, all lovely decorated. But it can not cloak the danger that lies in her special service…


Movies and stories have sometimes a very romantic view on the opium misuse around 1900. In fact it was not romantic at all – it lead to the first opium war in China and China struggeled a lot from many addicts. Mao Zedong finally managed to stop the dealing and using with opium efficient. Nevertheless – this is also a story of the silk road. And the creators payed respect to that.

Miss Wus Cabinet is the gift from [noctis] and it is beautiful textured and rich with details. The cabinet is mesh and you do not only receive the complete cabinet, but also an empty one plus all the decorative pieces. All in all the cabinet – with all decorations – is 33 prims. The cabinet without decoration is 8 prims – so definitely not too heavy. The “Smokey Dreams” bed from Amulet is also a brilliant find. It comes with one animation (shown above). The mandarin shirt is the gift from Orquidea and has a very good quality and marvelous subtile textures. The sleeves are sculpted and really easy to fit. Finally the house “Takara” I took the pictures in is the gift from Starchild Designs.


List of stuff:

Hair: [iruco] hair27 (black)

Shirt: Orquidea – Mandarin Shirt (SRH3)

Furniture: [noctis] – Miss Wu’s cabinet (mesh) (SRH3)

Bed: Amulet – .:O:. Smokey Dreams (SRH3)

Prefab: Starchild Designs – TAKARA (SRH3)

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