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Happy Monday Sweets,

or at least, how happy mondays can be! I personally hate them big times. Everytime I get back to work, I find new appointments in my calender. Yes, I am very old fashioned in this. I never use my phone to keep my life organised. And yes, I am not always diva dressed when I come to the office on days like mondays. I just prefer my comfy clothes.

Just like today: I wear the white summerish Blouse from Boudoir wich is one of the items currently available at the Summer Fashion Festival on Aris Aris Sim. The Summer Blouse comes in female standard sizing and is just georgeous.

Also in female standard sizing comes this great Highwaist Pants by Mayden Couture. The trousers are available in four different colours for 285L$ per color. Also in the package included is a matching belt.

My shoes wich I am wearing today have already been blogged here.

And now … back to work. Hope you all have a fantastic monday !

Credits for items used in this blogpost:

Boudoir – Summer Blouse – [available at Summer Fashion Festival | 100L$ | not free]

Mayden Couture – Kathrine Pants – [new release in the Mainstore | 285L$(per color – different colors available) | not free]

Free at last


Freebies are shabby – only noobs wear freebies and they are not stylish at all, right?


Normally I try to do one blogpost a day which keeps me busy enough to be honest. But today I was forced to make another one (and believe me – this will be the exception of the rule). Why is that so? Well – I was trying to sort my inventory when a groupmessage from :sey popped up. Risey Arai made a freebie section. Freebies? At :sey? I must be kidding you. I do not. And boys and girls. The freebie section is not big, it is bloody HUGE! Everything I am wearing today is actually from the new :sey Freebie Department. Well everything except my everydays skin from Kento, the shades from bastard and the hair from Atro Patena. And the pose is from my new favorite pose store HISpose.

This is of course great news since Risey is a sculpt and texture god – not to mention his special style. The even better news are between the lines tho. Risey is cleaning out his shop and is getting rid of the old stuff. This can only mean that we can expect even more awesomeness from :sey – and the latest mesh releases speak loud and clear. Keep an eye on this shop – there is definitely more to come within the next weeks.


List of stuff:

Hair: [Atro Patena] Kelvin Black

Glasses: bastard. – MESH BC Frames/Solid Black

Skin: *KENTO* Toban_T2 Freckles

Pose: HISpose – Emo Leans

Everything else: :sey – Freebie Department



Not that I would be that acrobatic in RL – I most probably would break my neck if I ever try to do this. But the meshed Brentwood Stool from Bounce This Poses is definitely all kinds of fun. It comes with 4 sitting, one standing and – well – the balancing pose. The detailing on this stool is wonderful – and if you have a bar in SL and want to have some fun you better jump directly to the Mens Dept. and get yourself one since the Brentwood Stool is copy. Anyways – the poses are extremely well done – no crazy legs, hands or moving heads. Also, and this is important for me since – as you know – my avatar is rather tall, the poses are way easy to adjust. In other words – get it, it is decent, it is fun.


The half hoody from [Sheep Door] is another great find from the Mens Dept. Yeah it is not mesh, but the subtile texturing is brilliant. Also the sculptwork is not too bad. I love how sloppy the jumper “flows”. And finally the Roux Readers from BALACLAVA!!: you do not only get the nerdish glasses in the purchased pack – you get the shades also. And the female versions are also included. There are many colors you can choose from – I decided for todays look to wear the black ones.


List of stuff:

Hair: **Pocket Mirrors** Robert Charcoal (free at Berlin 1920s)

Glasses: BALACLAVA!! Roux Readers and Shades (black) (for Mens Dept.)

Hoodie: [Sheep Door] Half Hoody Grey (for Mens Dept.)

Pants: former huntgift blogged here

Prob: Bounce This Poses – Brentwood Stool (for Mens Dept.)