Not that I would be that acrobatic in RL – I most probably would break my neck if I ever try to do this. But the meshed Brentwood Stool from Bounce This Poses is definitely all kinds of fun. It comes with 4 sitting, one standing and – well – the balancing pose. The detailing on this stool is wonderful – and if you have a bar in SL and want to have some fun you better jump directly to the Mens Dept. and get yourself one since the Brentwood Stool is copy. Anyways – the poses are extremely well done – no crazy legs, hands or moving heads. Also, and this is important for me since – as you know – my avatar is rather tall, the poses are way easy to adjust. In other words – get it, it is decent, it is fun.


The half hoody from [Sheep Door] is another great find from the Mens Dept. Yeah it is not mesh, but the subtile texturing is brilliant. Also the sculptwork is not too bad. I love how sloppy the jumper “flows”. And finally the Roux Readers from BALACLAVA!!: you do not only get the nerdish glasses in the purchased pack – you get the shades also. And the female versions are also included. There are many colors you can choose from – I decided for todays look to wear the black ones.


List of stuff:

Hair: **Pocket Mirrors** Robert Charcoal (free at Berlin 1920s)

Glasses: BALACLAVA!! Roux Readers and Shades (black) (for Mens Dept.)

Hoodie: [Sheep Door] Half Hoody Grey (for Mens Dept.)

Pants: former huntgift blogged here

Prob: Bounce This Poses – Brentwood Stool (for Mens Dept.)

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2 responses to “Weee…”

  1. Danaf says :

    wow! so fit lol

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