Archive | June 15, 2012

The Way of the Sword


When I was at Sadistic Hacker to buy me some hair I stumbeled over tis brilliant pack of Katana Poses which is offered there as free Groupgift. I always wanted to use them, but never found an opportunity to do so. But with the Silk Road Hunt finally my chance came. I found this wonderful kimono at Kisetsu Kabuki and things came together naturally. The Katana is a freebie from the marketplace – link posted on the bottom as usual.

The Silk Road Hunt is in Half Time now – so you have plenty of time to go on the trial. The hunt is fun and most of the time enjoyable. A bit of a downer are stores that still are not ready yet, but there are many brilliant gifts to find and many wonderful places to explore.


List of stuff:

Hair: *SH* Kai Hair(black)

Poses: Hair: *SH* Katana Poses (Free Groupgift)

Kimono: Kisetsu Kabuki – Men’s Yukata – Souichi (for SRH3)

Katana: Nekolution – Black Destrution