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Hellos Sweeties and happy weekend to all of you !

Sorry, for my long absense in the past week. My raising wisdom tooths is giving me a hard time at the moment, so this will just be a short blogpost.

With all the pain, it was a real pleasure to see in my offlines, that 22769 had released a new groupgift yesterday.

And from my personal event calender, I know that The Gallery Gift Shop has also started in a new round. So, I take the chance to have a look at the new collection at the event venue. And yes, I try to reward myself for all the countless hours where I missed you last week with this neat blue mesh babydoll by NYU. For 350L$ you get the blue one and a pink version of the babydoll in female standard sizing.

The bag I am wearing is the groupgift from 22769. This mesh bag comes with a cute holding animation, and is prefilled with flip flops and a newpaper, so you have everything with you if you plan to visit the beach at the weekend. The blue Flip Flops are included in a wearable version as well. And, I see that the guys over there have also past groupgifts on display you can grab themfor free if you wear your 22769 Grouptag.

As ususal you find the credits below the next image. And for me it is time to put another ice pack on my swollen mouth, and hope that it is tomorrow better. Until then, feel hugged everyone.

for credit please see below

Credits for items used in this blogpost:

NYU – Summer Babydoll Dress, Blue – [available at The Gallery Gift Shop | 350L$ (includes the pink version) | not free]

22769 ~ casual couture – Beach Bag – [Groupgift for Members of 22769 ANB Group | free]

My Animationoverrider

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