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It dosn’t matter …


Hellos Sweets,

today I want to share a different post with all you. So today, it’s not a post about fashion. Today, it’s a post about love !

The guys over there at STAND4LOVE started a charity project to raise the visibility of all kind of love couples. Everyone has the same right to love, it dosn’t matter if they are a straight, gay, lesbian or transgender. Everyone in a releationship shares feelings for each other, which should not only become respected by the partner … these feelings should become respected by everyone around. I for myself live in a part of the world where it is “normal” to see a same sex couple walking holding hands on the street. Where they have nearly the same rights as a straight married couple.  But I know that there are places where they have to hide their love. Where it is not easy to take care for each other. On the bottomline we are all humans, which deserve the right to love, to feel the love and to live their love.

You all know, that we normally do not share videos on our blog, but the commercial from the getup shows LOVE from a different perpective.

Thank you STAND4LOVE team to start this great thing.

Items used in this blogpost:

Doutch Touch  – JoLiE V2 Cream – Basic [blogged before]

Alice Project – Koko  – Infinity [blogged before]

Gos -Espadrilles in Tie Dye – bagged [free as huntgift in “The Depraved Summer Love Hunt” | free]

In the Greenhouse


Here I am again, trying to improve my gardening skills. Well not really – you already know that I am lousy with plants. But I found this adorable greenhouse on the Silk Road Hunt and I just have to show it to you. The greenhouse has 5 neat poses, two of them shown in the pictures, and is just a wonderful extra for your virtual home because it has just 25 prims. Hey – I am sure you have furniture that is way more heavy!


But let us talk about the ArisAris Summer Fashion Event, shall we? Mondra already showed you some of the fashion for the ladies to find there. And I must admit that there is not so much to find for boys also. But – there are some items that are worth it to check this event out. Like the leatherjacket and the denims from .::Fdo.0m::. . All rigged mesh and what I especially like is that you can wear the jacket also without tee. In fact the combination possibilities are splendid and you have alpha layer for each and every combination. And the yellow leather jacket is definitely an eye catcher that is not too loud.

The little birdy comes from the 2Xtreme storehunt. 2Xtreme moved their store and made a hunt after 12 different birds. And the gifts you can get are… birds. They are cute, blink and most of all have sound. So if you want a natural feeling on your sim you better go hunting. And by the way – the storehunt is very enjoyable because you just see so many things you will definitely like.


List of stuff:

Hair: [iruco] hair14M (black)

Outfit: .::Fdo.0m::. Adam Outfit (ArisAris Summer Fashion Event)

Bird: 2Xtreme – pimpelmees (storehunt)

Prefab: .: Mimsy :. GreenTEAhouse (SRH3)