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for credits please see below

Happy Friday my sweets,

we nearly make it through the week. Some of you are already in the -well deserved- weekend, for all other the hours are counting. And, yes with weekend ahead, the work on our guardian angels are about to begin. So I decided to support mine this weekend. For this great cause, I put on my latest find from The Gallery Gift Shop. The MiuMin Kimono Angel is perfect for this. Maybe Fred – yes, that’s the name of the lucky one who had to protect me- will roll his eyes and say: You can’t do it on this shoes. But, I will proof him wrong.

But back to this great find from The Gallery Gift Shop. This wonderful Kimono by MiuMin is a masterpiece of clothing. The natural flow of the skirt matches perfectly your body movements.  Completed is this great item by the shoes and the small angel wings in the package. And you can choose at the venue between a trans version or a copy version. This makes it a perfect piece of gifting.

The small hairfeathers you see in the picture before my credits for this great look, are also included in this awesome combination.

for credits please see below

Now, I hear Freds bell ring. This is my sign to finally meet up with him, and for you check out the credits of the items used in this blogpost. Read you soon sweets !

Items used in this blogpost:

MiuMin  – Kimono-Angel White – [available at The Gallery Gift Shop | available in a copy OR trans version | 180L$ | not free]

included in the package of the MiuMin Kimono Angle White [please see above for details]

SL9th Birthday Sim

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