Hair Fair for the guys


I guess everyone by now has noticed that the Hair Fair 2012 has started. And of course this event seems to be a fair mostly for the ladies. However – I was brave enough to teleport there and find some stuff for lads also – some surprising, some interesting and some of course fabulous. But first things first: the Hair Fair 2012 has a webpage and what I really love about the organisation of this event is the hints page, or if you want to call it that way, the fair etiquette. You can find it here and I encourage you to read and follow the tips and ideas of the organisation team because it reduced the lag, that usually comes with events like the hairfair, dramatically. I have a pretty old computer and there are for sure better internet connections then the one I use – but I experienced no major lag issues and my purchases also did not delay. Also – I completely avoided any clothing at all except of a body alpha layer. So if you have been at the hairfair and came across a floating head – jep, that was me.

Surprises: Like said – after following the instructions of the organisers I experienced nearly no lag at all – and that was a surprise for me. Another surprise was the lack of some hair designers I expected to be at the fair like i.e. Dura. I also did not expect to meet so many fellow men at the fairground.

The following finds are strictly my personal taste – there are of course some more mens hair to find. So lets start with above picture. This is a new release from [COLORS] called 57 (Black Pack). It is sculpted the old way and I love the overall look of it. Also with 100 L$ per colorpack it is not overexpensive.


From left to right:

Magpie: This was a complete experiment cause the hair is supposed to be womens hair. But be honest: It is short, it is curled – it is pretty much unisex. I tried a demo and even tho I was (of course) not able to modify it I assumed that it could fit me with a few minor tweaks. Also 120 L$ is okay for an experiment. And see – it works. I just made the hair a bit bigger and I have a trendy kind of short curly haircut. Definitely one of my surprise finds on the Hair Fair.

[COLORS]: (again) This time with the Freebie they offer in their booth called FREE D.

*ARGRACE*: Straw Fedora – yet another Fedora, but well – I love this one cause the texturing on it is excellent. It is also a Freebie at the Hair Fair and it comes in three colors (blue, khaki and purple)

[INK]: NATUM (white) and another Freebie from the Hairfair. The cut of the hair grew on me and the color can work for special occasions.

Talking about Freebies: The necklace in all pictures is the freebie at the booth of {fashionably dead} and is called “Abstract Bird Necklace”. And also the poses I used for this blogpose are indeed a Freebie at the Hairfair and come from Amacci. The eyes instead are not free but a steal at the current Mens Dept. It is the mesh eyes from Poetic Colors (pearl aurora).


List of stuff:

Picture 1/3:
[COLORS] – 57 Jet Black (Hair Fair 2012)

Picture 2 (from left to right):
Magpie – Footsteps Even Lighter (Liquorice) (Hair Fair 2012)
[COLORS] – FREE D AshBlack (Hair Fair 2012 – Freebie)
*ARGRACE* – Straw Fedora Blue (Hair Fair 2012 – Freebie)
[INK] – NATUM (white) (Hair Fair 2012 – Freebie)

All pictures:
Skin: *KENTO* Toban_T2 Freckles
Necklace: {fd} Abstract Bird Necklace (Hair Fair 2012 – Freebie)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – pearl – aurora – medium (mesh) (for the Mens Dept.)
Poses: Amacci (Hair Fair – Freebie)

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