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The Peacock and the Deep Blue Sea

The Peacock and the Deep Blue Sea

I love green. And somehow it is funny how this translates to my second life. I mean – we can do everything in here and we can be whatever we want to but it is these little things like a favorite color that gives us personality. Green is also the main color of this rather flamboyant Dandy Jacket by 22769 ~ casual couture. There are four different styles available at the Mens Dept. and well – clearly I picked the greenish one. The interesting part: you can wear the jacket also without shirt and regarding the shirt itself: there are six different colors in every package of the Dandy Jacket. Again – the shirts can not be worn solo since they are only covering the bits the jacket does not and I assume (without having any clue about making mesh clothing – I am only good in wearing it) it has something to do with the whole rigging process. But anyways – the deal is as fabulous as the jacket itself is.

The Peacock and the Deep Blue Sea

Green again. If you are reading our blog for some time now you hardly see me wearing other eyes then green once. And believe me – I tried. But somehow it looks plain wrong when I wear blues or hazels or greys or even reds and what else the creators have to offer in SL. The eyes are mesh, and as the quality tells they come again from Poetic Colors. Lano Ling, the creator, dedicated the new selection of his eyes to the ocean. And indeed – the colors and reflections are crisp and wonderful realistic. I am wearing “sea weed” but of course you find other colors also at the display of Poetic Colors at the Mens Dept.

The Peacock and the Deep Blue Sea

List of stuff:

Hair: Dura – Dura-Boy 07 (black)

Eyes: Poetic Colors – Ocean Colors “sea weed” (for the Mens Dept.)

Jacket and Shirt:  22769 ~ casual couture – Dandy Jacket Peacock (for the Mens Dept.)

Pants: [LOVE RE ME] – Cropped Slim Pants Check A (for the Mens Dept.)